Cool Baby Names That Start With Z

Z may be the zippiest, zestiest first initial for baby names around. Here, the wide selection of cool baby names that begin with Z.
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  • Zeta

    Gender: F Rate:

    The sixth letter of the Greek alphabet, popularized by Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones -- Zeta was her grandmother's first name. Zeta can also refer to the letter Z, the last in the Roman alpha... Read More 

  • Zeus

    Gender: M Rate:

    The supreme Olympian god represents a mighty image for a little fella to live up to, but more and more parents are beginning to consider it seriously. The Roman equivalent Jupiter has also come do... Read More 

  • Zevi

    Gender: M Rate:

    More distinctive than Levi.  Read More 

  • Zhane

    Gender: F Rate:

    Mix a bit of old-fashioned Jane with the male-inflected Zane, et voila.  Read More 

  • Zhivago

    Gender: M Rate:

    For lovers of Pasternak's great doctor, a lively middle name choice, one made by actress Nia Long.  Read More 

  • Ziggy

    Gender: M Rate:

    The ultimate jokey name, à la Ziggy Stardust or the comic-strip character Ziggy. Then again, there's Ziggy Marley, and most anything Marley is cool. Originally named David, his father Bob Marley g... Read More 

  • Zilla

    Gender: F Rate:

    Although this Old Testament name is soft and delicate, it runs the risk of conjuring up the monstrous Godzilla.  Read More 

  • Zina

    Gender: F Rate:

    Old-style arty.  Read More 

  • Zion

    Gender: M Rate:

    Zion has taken off in recent years, especially after singer Lauryn Hill used it for her son in 1997. It combines a user-friendly Ryan-Brian sound with the gravitas of religious significance. The He... Read More 

  • Zita

    Gender: F Rate:

    A thirteenth-century Tuscan saint, patron of homemakers, Zita is the kind of name that sounded really creative in an earlier era.  Read More 

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