Cool Baby Names That Start With P

P, as in Peter, Paul, and....uh.... Patty, was a ubiquitous first initial at the middle of the last century. It's been keeping a low profile for a while now, but there are a lot of cool baby names that start with P. Here, our picks.
  • Priscilla

    Gender: F Love Dislike

    Despite her somewhat prissy, puritanical air, Priscilla has managed to stay in the Top 500 every year since records have been kept—it reached as high as Number 127 in 1940—appreciated for its... Read More 

  • Prudence

    Gender: F Love Dislike

    Prudence, like Hope and Faith, is a Puritan virtue name with a quiet charm and sensitivity that is slowly returning to favor, though it hasn't yet registered on the charts.

    The White... Read More 

  • Puck

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    Puck was Shakespeare's mischievous pixie whose only known real-life incarnation was the insufferable neohippie on an early season of MTV's "Real World." Now, though, the attractive bad boy... Read More 

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