Baby Names With Repeating Sounds

We're in a nickname-friendly era, and these adorable double baby names like Coco and Lulu are in keeping with that trend.
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  • Leelee

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    Actress Leelee Sobieski's real name is Liliane, after her French grandmother -- a better choice for any baby-namer. Read More 

  • Lili

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  • Lulu

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    Lula has a firecracker personality, a singing and dancing extrovert. Interesting that Lulu was a Top 100 name when the Social Security list was born in 1880, but it's been sliding ever since and ha... Read More 

  • Mimi

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    Flirty, flimsy name of the tragic heroine of La Bohème...and Rent.  Read More 

  • Nana

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    The dog in Peter Pan and another name for Grandma. Isaac Hayes used it for his son, but we wouldn't advise that. Read More 

  • Pippi

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    Pippi may be cute but isn't very practical. In addition to being forever Pippi Longstocking, there is that variant pee-pee spelling to consider. Try Pippa instead. Read More 

  • Vivi

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    Vivi is a short form of all the Vivian and Viveca forms that is sure to get a lot more attention now that a little Jolie-Pitt girl has been named Vivienne. Read More 

  • Zsazsa

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    Zsa Zsa is a zippy Hungarian nickname name, sometimes used independently, linked for decades with the Hungarian-born actress Zsa Zsa Gabor--who was born Sari. Read More 

  • Zuzu

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    Zuzu is heard every Christmas as the name of Jimmy Stewart's little girl in "It's a Wonderful Life." Hard to think of a nickname name with more sizzle. "Top Chef" 's Tania Peterson named her daug... Read More 

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