Easter Baby Names

Expecting an Easter baby? These baby names refer to the springtime holiday, including international names for Easter, Easter flowers, biblical personages connected with the holiday, or Easter's symbolism of rebirth.
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  • Tamara

    Gender: F Rate:

    Adding a final a to Tamar lends it a more sensual Slavic tone, making it a more popular choice than the original.  Read More 

  • Tamir

    Gender: M Rate:

    A Near Eastern favorite, with an agreeable, evocative sound.  Read More 

  • Tulip

    Gender: F Rate:

    One of the most unusual flower names, Tulip is cute but tough to pull off as a first. It has some celebrity cred via Charlie Tamara Tulip, twin daughter of Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell.  Read More 

  • Una

    Gender: F Rate:

    In an epic poem, the personification of truth, beauty, and unity; this ancient name is popular in Ireland but rarely heard here. The Oona spelling has more oomph.  Read More 

  • Vanessa

    Gender: F Rate:

    Vanessa was one of the ultra-feminine three-syllable hits of the eighties, but has proved to have had more staying power than others like Tiffany, Kimberly, and Melissa, due to its classic beauty. ... Read More 

  • Veronica

    Gender: F Rate:

    The name Veronica projects a triple-threat image: at once saintly, sensuous and strong. Veronica was the name of the compassionate woman who wiped Jesus's face when he was on his way to Calvary an... Read More 

  • Willow

    Gender: F Rate:

    An ancient tree that figures in literature from Shakespeare to Harry Potter and is believed to possess magical powers, Willow is a lovely name, as graceful as its inspiration, that is growing in po... Read More 

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