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Old People Names

Old people names -- or rather, #oldpeoplenames -- is a Twitter phenomenon, whereby people contribute their ideas of which baby names are, you guessed it, old people names. Some of the ideas that pop up on Twitter, from Marvin to Myrtle, are good ones, while others miss the mark. True old people names still carry the whiff of the nursing home, even if they're newly considered fit for babies.

Here, the names we consider Old People Names.

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  • Alfred

    Gender: M Rate:

    Alfred is up off his recliner! If you're looking for a path to Fred, you can go directly to Frederick or take the long way round with the so-out-it's-in-again Alfred. Alfred the Great, King of W... Read More 

  • Bernie

    Gender: M Rate:

  • Bertha

    Gender: F Rate:

    Ever since the enormous German cannon was dubbed "Big Bertha" in World War I, this name hasn't worked for a sweet little baby girl. Not true of the Polish version, Berta.  Read More 

  • Betty

    Gender: F Rate:

    Combine the popularity of Betty White and Mad Men 's glamorous Betty Draper Francis, with the residual sweetness of Ugly Betty 's Betty Suarez, and the result is an impending return of the name. It... Read More 

  • Donald

    Gender: M Rate:

    We're sorry, Mr. Trump, but this is not the greatest name in the world. It's been fired. The Irish Donal has a lot more appeal.  Read More 

  • Earl

    Gender: M Rate:

    It may have a noble ranking, but Earl is likely these days to be either wearing overalls or hunched over his desk crunching numbers with an adding machine.  Read More 

  • Ethel

    Gender: F Rate:

    Ethel is a name we once declared as 'So Far Out They'll Probably Always Be Out,' but with the return of other names on that list and with its new starbaby cred via Lily Allen, its soft sound and ad... Read More 

  • Eugene

    Gender: M Rate:

    Eugene is a grandpa name that shows no signs of rejuvenating-- or to quote Jim Carrey, whose middle name this is, "You can never get too cool with a name like Eugene". The hero of Disney's "Tangled... Read More 

  • Gladys

    Gender: F Rate:

    The cat's meow a century ago, featured in many romantic Edwardian novels, and now anything but. Shows no signs yet of making a comeback. It's been associated in the U.S. with singer Gladys Knight. Read More 

  • Harold

    Gender: M Rate:

    The name of a pipe-smoking, bespectacled grandpa or uncle, rarely a baby, though any latent nerdiness can be counteracted with the relaxed nickname Hal.  Read More 

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