Unusual Baby Names

<a href="http://nameberry.com/lists/category/unusual-names/">Unusual baby names</a> come from a range of categories, from ethnic names to place names to word names to surnames used as first names. The best unusual names are distinctive without being strange, seem unique yet are also easy to understand. Of the thousands of unusual baby names on nameberry, here are some of our favorites.
  • Zebedee

    Gender: M Love Dislike

    Zebedee is an adorable and unusual New Testament name--which may sound like but is not a contradiction in terms. Unlike some of the longer biblical Z-names, Zebedee has a more... Read More 

  • Zephyrine

    Gender: F Love Dislike

    Zephyr may not be a name often heard in the U.S., but its variations are used throughout Europe. Zephyrine, a cousin in sound and feel if not in fact to such lovely names as Severine and... Read More 

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