Mythological Baby Names for Girls

Mythological baby names for girls can impart both tradition and strength to a child. The pantheon of Greek and Roman deities and other classical mythological figures can provide an abundant source of audacious options, all combining deep history with not-heard-in-a-long-time freshness.
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  • Phyllis

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    Phyllis has been used by classical poets for the idealized pastoral maiden, but its twenty-first-century image is closer to Phyllis Diller. Phyllida is a variation that sounds at once more old-fash... Read More 

  • Priya

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    A name traditionally given to Indian girls born in August, Priya -- pronounced pree-ah -- denotes someone with an individual brand of beauty. Read More 

  • Rhea

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    Old-style creative name of the Greek mythological earth mother of all the gods. A lot better than the Roman equivalent: Ops.  Read More 

  • Selene

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    Selene may be the mythological Greek original, but Latin variation Selena is used four times more often in the US these days. Selene is the Greek goddess of the moon, sister of Helios the sun god.... Read More 

  • Signy

    Gender: F Rate:

    Signy — also spelled Signe — would make another distinctively offbeat alternative to Sydney. Signy appears in Norse mythology as the twin sister of Sigmund. Read More 

  • Tanith

    Gender: F Rate:

    Name of the Phoenician deity who was the patron of Carthage, goddess of the moon, and a fertility figure. Variations include Tanit, Tanis, and Tanitha. The name is frequently misinterpreted to be... Read More 

  • Tara

    Gender: F Rate:

    Despite a rich history in Irish myth preceding its plantation appearance in Gone with the Wind, widespread use in the seventies caused Tara to lose its Irish accent.  Read More 

  • Thalassa

    Gender: F Rate:

    A pretty, rarely used Greek name, Thalassa is the ancient personification of the sea, particularly the Mediterranean, who is sometimes considered the mother of Aphrodite. In 1991, a newly discover... Read More 

  • Uma

    Gender: F Rate:

    Uma is a throaty, exotic name for a Hindu goddess...and a Hollywood one. But as popular as Uma Thurman is, other parents have not yet picked up on her name, making it a rarity. Uma is one of the m... Read More 

  • Venus

    Gender: F Rate:

    The name of a heavenly planet and the Roman goddess of beauty and love was an intimidating no-no until tennis champ Venus Williams put an athletic, modern spin on it. Associated with the Greek Ap... Read More 

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