Mythological Baby Names for Girls

Mythological baby names for girls can impart both tradition and strength to a child. The pantheon of Greek and Roman deities and other classical mythological figures can provide an abundant source of audacious options, all combining deep history with not-heard-in-a-long-time freshness.
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  • Jaya

    Gender: F Rate:

    This exotic name of a Buddhist goddess, a possible alternative to the trendy Maya, was chosen for their daughter by Laura Dern and Ben Harper.  Read More 

  • Juno

    Gender: F Rate:

    Juno is an ancient name that feels as fresh as if it had been minted — well, not yesterday, but in 2007. Since the release of the popular indie film Juno , this lively but strong o-ending Roman god... Read More 

  • Kora

    Gender: M Rate:

    This trendy spelling jumped 216 spots between 2012 and 2013, making it one of the fastest-rising names of the year. We predict it will continue to gain momentum, riding the popularity of more tradi... Read More 

  • Lakshmi

    Gender: F Rate:

    Often heard in India, this is the name of the Hindu goddess of abundance, beauty, and prosperity, the embodiment of grace and charm --lucky omens indeed. The goddess Lakshmi is worshiped daily in H... Read More 

  • Leda

    Gender: F Rate:

    In classical Greek myth, Leda was a great beauty who mothered another great beauty, Helen of Troy.  Read More 

  • Lilith

    Gender: F Rate:

    Lilith has been demonized since medieval times, with Jewish folklore portraying her as Adam's rejected first wife, who was turned into a hideous night demon for refusing to obey him. So, in spite o... Read More 

  • Lorelei

    Gender: F Rate:

    Its double role as the mother and daughter -- and even grandmother -- on TV's The Gilmore Girls modernized, humanized, and popularized a name previously associated with the mythic seductive siren a... Read More 

  • Lucina

    Gender: F Rate:

  • Luna

    Gender: F Rate:

    This strong but shimmery moonstruck name has been growing in popularity, undoubtedly influenced by the Harry Potter character Luna Lovegood. From 2010 to 2012, it quickly jumped 119 places - and no... Read More 

  • Lyssa

    Gender: F Rate:

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