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Surname names have been on the rise as baby names for a couple of decades now. Here are some of the most popular, for girls as well as boys.
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  • Grayson

    Gender: M Rate:

    Grayson, which you might think of as a Jason-Mason substitute, is on the fast track. Though--you may be surprised to know--Grayson has been in the Top 1000 since 1984, it is now at its highest poin... Read More 

  • Harper

    Gender: F Rate:

    Harper is a red hot name for girls, having jumped an impressive 30 places between 2011 and 2012, a prime example of the trend for using surnames-turned-boys'-names for girls. Harper was rarely hear... Read More 

  • Hunter

    Gender: M Rate:

    Hunter, currently at Number 45, is one of the leaders of a distinctive band of boys' names that combines macho imagery (Hunter, Austin, Harley) with a softened masculinity. Hunter was for years att... Read More 

  • Jackson

    Gender: M Rate:

    Cool name Jackson is one of the celebrisphere's top favorites, having been chosen by, among others, Spike Lee, Poppy Montgomery, Carson Daly, Maria Bello, Natalie Maines, Scott Wolf, Maya Rudolph, ... Read More 

  • Jordan

    Gender: M Rate:

    Jordan became a huge unisex success in the heyday of basketball's Michael Jordan, and is still Number 48 for boys, 222 for girls. First used by Crusaders recently returned from the river Jordan, t... Read More 

  • Landon

    Gender: M Rate:

    Landon is a fast-rising surname name, now ranking at Number 34, its highest point ever and surpassing its once more popular rhyming cousin Brandon. For some it may bring back nostalgic memories of ... Read More 

  • Logan

    Gender: M Rate:

    Logan is a a bright and cheerful Scottish surname that originated from a place of that name in Ayrshire. Logan has been climbing steadily since the mid-70s; it was in the Top 20 from 2006 to 2011,... Read More 

  • Mackenzie

    Gender: F Rate:

    Scottish name Mackenzie means "son of the comely one". Originally inspired as a a girl's name by eighties TV actress Mackenzie Phillips, parents, including Harry Potter creator J. K. Rowling, have ... Read More 

  • Mckenna

    Gender: F Rate:

    Mackenzie begat McKenna -- a catchy but very trendy choice.  Read More 

  • Morgan

    Gender: F Rate:

    Morgan has long been a traditional Welsh male name whose most notable female antecedent is Morgan le Fay, King Arthur's half sister and a famed sorceress in Arthurian legend. In this country, Morga... Read More 

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