Vintage Nicknames for Girls

There's a group of vintage nicknames for girls that were used in the distant past and are all but forgotten now. The following might be worth a fresh look. Check our larger Nicknames for Girls list for more choices.
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  • Addie

    Gender: F Rate:

    Old-fashioned nickname with sweet turn-of-the-last-century charm that's become a favorite of today. Little girls might like the fact that it's the name, though spelled Addy, of an American Girl ser... Read More 

  • Annie

    Gender: F Rate:

    Annie is one of the most open and optimistic, the-sun'll-come-out-tomorrow-type names of all, having been celebrated over the years in song (Annie Laurie), comic strip (Little Orphan Annie), folklo... Read More 

  • Bea

    Gender: F Rate:

    Bea is a former old lady name that's cute again as a short form -- and is now beginning to stand on its own. Bee is a variation that, like Bea, can work as a diminutive for any name that starts wit... Read More 

  • Belle

    Gender: F Rate:

    Belle has nothing but positive associations, from "belle of the ball" to "Southern belle" to the heroine of Disney's Beauty and the Beast . Though it has been overshadowed by the Twilight -influe... Read More 

  • Bess

    Gender: F Rate:

    Although she declared her independence as far back as the reign of Elizabeth I--Good Queen Bess, Bess now sounds less passé than Beth or Betsy.  Read More 

  • Betsy

    Gender: F Rate:

    This Elizabeth nickname has a decidedly retro feel--think Betsy Ross and the Betsy Wetsy doll-- once seen as a perkier, younger-sounding alternative to Betty. But with Betty on the brink of a comeb... Read More 

  • Betta

    Gender: F Rate:

    A modern version of the dated Betty. You might want to consider varying Elizabeth, too, to the Italian Elisabetta. Read More 

  • Betty

    Gender: F Rate:

    Combine the popularity of Betty White and Mad Men 's glamorous Betty Draper Francis, with the residual sweetness of Ugly Betty 's Betty Suarez, and the result is an impending return of the name. It... Read More 

  • Bidu

    Gender: F Rate:

    Uncommon choice too reminiscent of "bidet". Try Bridie instead. Read More 

  • Cam

    Gender: F Rate:

    A Pam for the modern age, improved by a harder edge and a tad less prissiness. Read More 

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