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Cool girls' names can sometimes be made from less-than-cool ones. Sometimes, all you have to do is add an a to the end to bump them up several coolness levels: Natalie to Natalia, Susan to Susanna -- you get the picture. The point is that with a bit of ingenuity you can ramp up a name you like to a similar one that's cooler, or tone it down if you want to go in a quieter direction. Here are some examples:
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  • Patty

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    Replaced Patsy as the midcentury's popular, peppy babysitter.  Read More 

  • Rosemary

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    One of the original smoosh names, this amalgam of two classics projects a sweet, somewhat old-fashioned sensibility; it could come back as an aromatic nature/herb name. In ancient legend, Rosemary... Read More 

  • Samantha

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    Samantha, a long-popular feminization of Samuel, though still in the Top 30, is finally beginning to fade after years of widespread use, though still a lovely name. The popularity of Samantha was ... Read More 

  • Selma

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    Playing mah-jongg with her buddies Bernice and Myrna, but given a somewhat more youthful spin via actresses Selma Blair and Salma Hayek.  Read More 

  • Shyanne

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    Shy Anne? The original place-name spelling Cheyenne is preferable to this phonetic and slyly jokey spelling in every way. Read More 

  • Stacy

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    A key cheerleader in the nickname game of the 1970s, Stacy is now the mom. Consider Stacia, or the original Anastasia.  Read More 

  • Stephanie

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    Stephanie has had more staying power than most female forms of a boy's name, managing to be feminine without being frilly, and having had a long run of popularity. In the 1970s and 1980s, Stephani... Read More 

  • Tammy

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    Made famous in fifties movies as a wholesome backwoods gal, Tammy has now retired back to the boonies.  Read More 

  • Wilma

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    In the US, Wilma is appears to be eternally fossilized in Bedrock as Fred Flintstone's wife, but in Sweden it's a Top 10 hottie. It did have its moment in the US--from 1912 to 1940 it was a Top 100... Read More 

  • Zena

    Gender: F Rate:

    Familiar through the similarly pronounced TV Warrior Princess, but the original Xena spelling is cooler.  Read More 

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