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Cool girls' names can sometimes be made from less-than-cool ones. Sometimes, all you have to do is add an a to the end to bump them up several coolness levels: Natalie to Natalia, Susan to Susanna -- you get the picture. The point is that with a bit of ingenuity you can ramp up a name you like to a similar one that's cooler, or tone it down if you want to go in a quieter direction. Here are some examples:
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  • Dora

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    Dora is poised for a comeback, right behind Laura, Nora, Cora, and Flora. First-time parents who haven't watched cartoons in a couple of decades should be aware of the Dora the Explorer connection... Read More 

  • Florida

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    Lacks the cachet of some newer place-names.  Read More 

  • Gena

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    Actress Gena Rowlands publicized this name, which she pronounces with a soft e.  Read More 

  • Georgette

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    Has a musty 1940s feel. Try Georgia -- or Georgiana. Read More 

  • Gwen

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    While Gwen may have originated as a short form of Gwendolen, these days, it usually stands on its own. Rocker Gwen Stefani has given it a shot of cool, and parents are choosing it as a standalone ... Read More 

  • Heather

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    This flower name was one of the most popular in her class in the seventies and eighties (in the 1989 movie Heathers , every snobby girl in the high school clique bore that name), but now, though st... Read More 

  • Ivana

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    A rarely used Slavic name until the Czech-born ex-Mrs. Trump took it over the top. Daughter's name Ivanka adds a dollop of charm.  Read More 

  • Jamie

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    Jamie is typical of the relaxed unisex names that seemed so cool in the sixties after decades of Jeans and Joans, though now pretty tepid. Jaime and even Jamey and Jamye are alternate spellings. Read More 

  • Jan

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    Very Brady Bunch.  Read More 

  • Jeanette

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    Relic of a past period of French favorites, out to pasture with Claudette and Paulette.  Read More 

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