Military Baby Names

Military ranks and weapons--everything is fair game in the struggle to find the right baby name.
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  • Mace

    Gender: M Rate:

    Has a slight aura of danger, from its being two types of weapons and a looming character in the Star Wars films. Best left as a nickname for Mason.  Read More 

  • Major

    Gender: M Rate:

    This bold choice is gaining popularity and was one of the one-the-rise names for 2013. But watch out -- the character Major Major Major Major in the classic absurdist novel Catch-22 had a terrible... Read More 

  • March

    Gender: M Rate:

    Along with August, March is one of the few month names available to boys; this brisk single-syllable name might be worth considering as either a first or middle option. As a surname, it brings warm... Read More 

  • Marine

    Gender: F Rate:

    Marine is an extremely popular and fashionable name in France that's virtually unknown here — and is ready to set sail. Marine feels more contemporary than Marina and less hippie-esque than Oceane,... Read More 

  • Navy

    Gender: M Rate:

    Singer Nivea used this unusual color/seafaring name for her daughter, but it has possibilities for a boy too. Read More 

  • Rebel

    Gender: M Rate:

    Asking for trouble.  Read More 

  • Rocket

    Gender: M Rate:

    Starbaby name that might prove too supercharged for real life.  Read More 

  • Sailor

    Gender: M Rate:

    Although this was used by model Christie Brinkley for her daughter, it would be as or even more appropriate for a boy.  Read More 

  • Scout

    Gender: M Rate:

    Chosen for their daughter by Bruce and Demi (inspired by the To Kill a Mockingbird character), and for her son by Tai Babilonia, an interesting choice for either sex, with overtones of a "good scou... Read More 

  • Sergeant

    Gender: M Rate:

    Sargent, as in Kennedy brother-in-law Shriver, is the more familiar and usable form of this name. Read More 

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