Irish Surname Names

Many of the best Irish baby names are not first names at all but Irish surname names. Here's a whole group of rollicking names that work for both girls and boys....or you can use one from your own family background. Or click here for our full list of Irish baby names.
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  • Flynn

    Gender: M Rate:

    Flynn, a charming Irish surname, is still used only quietly, despite its easygoing, casual cowboy charm, unlike Finn which is a star of this genre. Flynn was the choice of Orlando Bloom and Miranda... Read More 

  • Gallagher

    Gender: M Rate:

    Gallagher is, like so many of its genre, friendly, open, and optimistic. Some might associate it with the fraternal members of the band Oasis—- Noel and Liam Gallagher.  Read More 

  • Grady

    Gender: M Rate:

    Following in the footsteps of popular brother Brady, Grady is another lively, ebullient Irish surname name. The O'Gradys (originally O Gradaugh) were an ancient clan which produced an impressive n... Read More 

  • Kennedy

    Gender: F Rate:

    Attractive surname name still projects that Kennedy family charisma. While it didn't come into widespread use until long after the deaths of martyred heroes President John F. or Senator Robert Ken... Read More 

  • Kiernan

    Gender: M Rate:

    Although this surname name is closely related to the more common Irish name Kieran, Kiernan is also a well used family name, tied to thirty-three ancient chieftains. It has on a few occasions been ... Read More 

  • Larkin

    Gender: F Rate:

    While Larkin takes this name from girlish bird to boyish surname, there are actually more female Larkins these days than male, and it's a name that works as well for either gender. Read More 

  • Madigan

    Gender: M Rate:

    A jovial and jaunty Irish name, the title of a long-gone TV crime drama, this would make an appealing choice. Slight downside: sharing the nickname Maddy with many little Madelines and Madisons.  Read More 

  • Magee

    Gender: M Rate:

    Magee has a broad and bouncy appeal for the sons of anyone from Adam to Zachary.  Read More 

  • Maguire

    Gender: M Rate:

    Although Maguire is such a prominent Irish surname —it ranks in the Top 40 in the Emerald Isle —this lively and cheerful family name has rarely been used as a first, unlike more familiar examples l... Read More 

  • Malloy

    Gender: M Rate:

    More obscure Irish surname-name, also spelled Molloy, that's prime for use. Read More 

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