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Nature Names in Disguise


Nature names — our topic in honor of Earth Day — today usually come right out and announce themselves.  Popular categories of nature names include flower names — Daisy, Lily; tree names — Oak, Acacia; animal names — Fox, Wren; and water names — Bay, Lake.

And then there are those nature names that are not obviously nature names but on the surface seem more like surnames or place names or even, stunningly, actual name names.  What makes them nature names is their root meaning, a factor that sometimes gets lost in the more contemporary associations of a name.

Parents in search of a name that connotes sun or star, land or water without being too blatant about it might want to consider one of these lovely secret nature names.  We picked a selection suiting varied tastes for girls, boys, and either.   And there are hundreds more to be found by searching for nature names on nameberry’s supersearch page.


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What To Name Your Autumn Baby


It’s the first day of  fall…the air is getting crisper, the days are getting shorter…the moment to think about the names of autumn.

Unlike spring, summer, and even winter, fall is not a season that immediately brings a bonanza of name possibilities to mind.  But when you think about it, there are almost as many autumn blooms as there are springtime ones, there are harvest deities, and a palette-full of fall colors, among other options.

So if you’re expecting a fall baby, and are looking for a name reflecting the season of their birth, there are lots of colorful choices to consider, beginning with:

The autumnal flowers and shrubs:

Trees known for their brilliantly colorful fall foliage:

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What To Name Your Summer Baby

summer baby names

Summer is one of the nicest times of year to have a baby, the warm weather and slow pace making it that much easier to relax into new motherhood (and, from your baby’s point of view, into life!)  Here, our annual round-up of names that summon the season:

SUMMER — As a seasonal name, Summer may not be your top choice.  It’s feeling a tad shopworn after coming close to cracking the Top 100 in 1977; it’s been above number 200 for the past fifteen years.  Autumn is more popular but Winter is cooler.

Summer also has three excellent months names that include several usable variations.  These are:

JUNEJUNE, the hip middle name du jour, was out of favor for many years but now is back in a big way.  The name, and the month, are derived from JUNO, the Roman goddess of marriage and finances (great role model!) whose name got a big boost from the teenage heroine of the eponymous film.  The related and obscure JUNIA is a New Testament name.  Male versions include the Spanish JUNOT, popularized by Pulitzer winning writer Junot Diaz, and JUNIUS, Latin for “born in June.”

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Nameberry commemorates Earth Day with this guest blog contributed by Elisabeth Wilborn, creator of one of our absolute favorite blogs, You Can’t Call It “It” Elisabeth, a writer, artist, and mom,  lives in Brooklyn, New York

April 22 has rolled around, and we remind ourselves yet again to care for the Earth– lest it forget to care for us. If you’d like your child to be ever mindful of the planet, consider sourcing his or her name from Earth gods and goddesses, from the Earth’s bounty itself, or from one of the great conservationists (with conveniently attractive surnames, no?).

Happy day!  Be good, and enjoy it.



AnonaRoman goddess of the harvest

Avani- Sanskrit, “earth”

Ceres- Ancient Roman, “to grow”,Roman goddess of agriculture

Demeter- Greek, “earth mother”, Greek goddess of agriculture

FloraRoman goddess of flowers

Francis- Italian saint reknowned for his connection to animals

Gaia- Greek, “earth”, and the goddess of the earth

GeorgiaGeorginaGeorgianna- Greek, “farmer”

Kun- Chinese, “earth”

LunaRoman goddess of the moon

Perpetua- Latin, “continuous”

Terra- Latin, “earth”

Vita- Latin for “life”

Zoe- Greek, “life”

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As we warm to the pleasant days of Spring, we take our annual stroll down the garden path and offer our current  thoughts on flower names for girls.

Still leading in popularity are Lilyand Daisy, with  Rose  remaining a  middle name of choice, though its bloom may be fading a bit due to over exposure.  In general,  flower names for girls,  a craze first seen in the early 1900s, is still one the most fashionable groups around in the early 21st century.

Nameberry includes a wide range of flower names for girls, from garden variety to hothouse blooms. Here, a rundown of the choicest:


DAISY — Charming and simple, Daisy started off as a nickname for Margaret, now more popular than the original.

IRIS — Former dowdy old lady name revived when Jude Law and Sadie Frost chose it for their daughter.

JASMINE — The most exotic of the popular flower names, with many spelling variations: Jazmin, Jazzmyn et al.  Related: Yasmine and cousins, along with the lovely British favorite Jessamine or Jessamyn, actually French for jasmine.

LILY — Also stylish as Liliana, Lilia, and in France, Lilou, with Lillian starting to be revived.

ROSE — Still an epidemically popular middle name, with many variations — from Rosa to Rosalie to Rosemary — that would make lovely first names.

VIOLET — The daughter of celebrities Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck brought this lush flower choice before the public eye, and it’s rapidly becoming a favorite.  In France, Violette is chic, while in Italian it’s Violetta.

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