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Favorite Baby Names 2015

best names 2015

By Abby Sandel

Most Mondays, I write about nine baby names in the news. Over 51 weeks, that’s a grand total of 459 names. Celebrity birth announcements make up the lion’s share of entries, but blogger babies, fictional characters, and just plain great names make the lists, too.

It’s a privilege to chronicle the year this way, and it’s fun to look back at the names that get positive reactions – and the ones that provoke the opposite response, too.

This year, I went back through all 459 names – plus dozens from other posts I’ve written – to choose nine of my personal favorites. Some are possibilities I’d consider for a child of my own. Most are names that have stayed with me over the years, the kind of favorites that every name lover collects, but some are brand new, too.

Here are my nine top baby names from 2015:

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By Linda Rosenkrantz

Who hasn’t felt a little sorry for the child born on Christmas day, whose special day isn’t special only to him, whose birthday party has to be rescheduled for a different date, and whose double gifts often fall short. And yet enough of these children have managed to surmount those obstacles to go on to great success. Here are a dozen Christmas-birthday babes—with interesting names—who have done just that.

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Christmas crooner names

By Sophie Kihm

Would you ever consider giving a December-born baby the name of a timeless holiday singer? I like the idea–it makes a subtle connection between the name and time of year–much less conspicuous than something like Holiday or Yule.

Bing- Bing Crosby has one of the most classic Christmas albums of all time–after seventy years it’s still on heavy rotation. Bing is a swanky old-fashioned nickname with a lot of potential. Kate Hudson used it as a nickname for her son Bingham.

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Influential starbabies

The most popular baby names in the US today prove that celebrities influence baby name trends. Nicole Richie’s Harlow, Gwen Stefani’s Kingston, and half of the names chosen by the Jolie-Pitts have gained in use thank to the famous families. High profile birth announcements can take an already rising name and put it on every parent’s shortlist, like Channing Tatum’s Everly. Or it can transform an obscure choice, like Marlowe, into everyone’s new favorite.

As this year draws to a close, let’s take a look at the celebrity baby name choices likely to influence baby naming in 2016 and beyond.

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November starbabies

Once again, the amazing CaraMichelle has searched far and wide to put together this comprehensive international list of Hollywood, European and Internet royalty.  Some observations:

Though introduced as simply Max, little Ms. Zuckerberg actually has the much more imposing full name of Maxima.  Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler joined the ranks of naval-naming parents with the variously spelled Saylor, while Cam Gigandet went for another branch of the Armed Services for daughter Armie .  Mike Myers followed the more unusual names of his first two kids, Spike and Sunday, with the more conventionally feminine Paulina for his third babe.  Melissa George chose Solal for her son–a name popular in France but unheard here.  Ice-T and Coco Austin completed the name of a fashion icon for daughter Chanel, and we also saw a rarely used Jewel name–Garnet.

Here’s CaraMichelle’s full list:

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