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Gender: M Meaning of Waylon: "land beside the road" Origin of Waylon: English Waylon's Popularity in 2015: #222

Country singer Waylon Jennings bestowed a kind of outlaw image on his name. In recent years, Waylon has leapt up the popularity charts to its highest point ever, Number 222. However, for many children of the 1980s and '90s, Waylon will be forever associated with The Simpson's character, Waylon Smithers.

Waylon Jennings' son, also named Waylon, is called Shooter, and Shooter's young son Waylon Albert with actress wife Drea DeMatteo will be addressed as Blackjack. Grandpa Jennings was originally called Wayland, but the name was changed early on by his mother.

Famous People Named Waylon

Waylon Jennings, country singer
Waylon Tripp Parker, grandson of American actors Kirstie Alley and Parker Stevenson (son of their son, William True)
Waylynn Lucas (female), American chef and owner of bakery Fonuts

Pop Culture References for the name Waylon

Waylon Smithers, Mr. Burns's assistant on the TV show "The Simpsons"
Waylon Jones, the Batman villain Killer Croc
Waylon Flood, character from TV series "American Gothic"
Waylon Forge, minor character in the first "Twilight" movie

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