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Gender: F Origin of Verona: Italian place-name

Verona is a scenic place-name with the added attraction of a Shakespearean connection, as in Two Gentlemen of....

Famous People Named Verona

Verona Pooth, German television personality

Pop Culture References for the name Verona

Originally this was a German short form of Veronika, used in the English-speaking world regularly but infrequently since the 1860s.
The city in Italy is the setting for Shakespeare's romance "Romeo and Juliet"; it's also where the popular movie 'Letters to Juliet' takes place.
"The Two Gentlemen of Verona," a play by William Shakespeare
There are U.S. towns named Verona, too.
Verona Babbitt, elder daughter of the title character in "Babbitt" (1922) by Sinclair Lewis
Verona De Tessant, character played by Maya Rudolph in film "Away We Go" (2009)
Patrick Verona, "Ten Things I Hate About You" character

Verowna, Veron, Verone, Varona