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Gender: M Origin of Ted: Diminutive of Theodore or Edward

Like Teddy, Ed, and Eddie, Ted is rarely used as an independent name -- though the TED Talks have given it a new intellectual image. Wtih Theodore rising, Ted may have new life among parents who don't want to use the short form Theo.

Famous People Named Ted

Edward "Ted" Kennedy, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts
Ted Nugent, American rock musician
Ted Knight, American actor
Ted Williams, American baseball player
Ted Hughes, English poet
Ted Shackelford, American actor
Ted Jensen, American sound mastering engineer
Ted Dwane, bassist for English band Mumford & Sons
Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz, Canadian-American U.S. Senator from Texas
Ted Turner, American media mogul, founder of CNN
Ted Gowans, Canadian guitarist of band Tegan & Sara
Ted Fu, American YouTube filmmaker of Wong Fu Productions
Theodore "Ted" Bundy, American serial killer

Pop Culture References for the name Ted

Ted Baxter, character on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"
Ted Tonate, character from "Ace Attorney" game series
Ted Mosby, character on TV's "How I Met Your Mother"
Ted Chaough, character on TV's "Mad Men"
Ted Tonks, character in "Harry Potter" series.
Ted "Teddy" Lupin, character from the Harry Potter series
Ted, smart-mouth teddy bear in 2012 movie of same name
TED Talks (Technology, Entertainment, Design), lecture series
Tayler Mark "Ted" Beene, character on TV series Oliver Beene
Ted Theodore Logan, character in movie "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure"
Ted Shaw, character on TV's "Defying Gravity"
Ted Hope, character in movie "White House Down"
Ted Wilson, reoccurring character on TV's "Pretty Little Liars"

Teddey, Tedik, Teddy, Tedd, Tedson, Tedek, Teddie