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Gender: F Origin of Sue: Diminutive of Susan

Much-used midcentury diminutive, now fallen far from favor even as a middle name.

Famous People Named Sue

Suellyn "Sue" Lyon, American actress
Sue, nickname for Japanese actress Yoshiko Tanaka in her Candies period
Sue Glover (born Yvonne Wheatman), British singer of duo Sue and Sunny
Sue Schell, singer with Swiss group Peter, Sue and Marc
Susan Elizabeth "Sue" Perkins, American comedienne
Sue Lawley, English broadcaster
Sue Graham Mingus, American memoirist; wife of jazz musician Charles Mingus
Sue Burns, American owner of the San Francisco Giants baseball team
Sue Taylor Grafton, American novelist

Pop Culture References for the name Sue

Sue Sylvester, character on TV's "Glee"
Sue Sue Heck, character on TV's "The Middle"
Sue Brockman, Mum in British TV's "Outnumbered"
Sue Lor, character in movie "Gran Torino"
Sue Storm Richards aka Invisible Girl, one of the Fantastic Four
Susan "Sue" Osman, character on British soap "EastEnders"
Sue Miller, character on British soap "EastEnders"
Sue Brannigan, character on British soap "Emmerdale"
Sue Morgan, character on British soap "Hollyoaks"
Sue Dibny, character in DC Comics
Sue Sakamoto, character in video game "Cave Story"
Sue, ghost in video game "Ms. Pac-Man"
Sue, largest, most complete Tyrannosaurus rex specimen ever found
Mary Sue, term for a perfect female character
"A Boy Named Sue," song by Johnny Cash
"Runaround Sue," song by Dion
"Peggy Sue," song by Buddy Holly
"Peggy Sue Got Married," 1986 film
"Curly Sue," 1991 film
"Sue," the debut album by Frazier Chorus
"Sue Lost in Manhattan," 1998 film
"Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye," TV series
Sue Ellen Mischke, braless character in Seinfeld

Su, Sioux