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Gender: F Origin of Strawberry: Fruit name

Another entry in the fruit name category, this one borne by writer Strawberry Saroyan, granddaughter of William, so named by her hippie parents. While fruit names may become more familiar, they'll never pass without comment -- but maybe that's what you're looking for.

Famous People Named Strawberry

Strawberry Saroyan, American journalist and author...who has a sister named Cream

Pop Culture References for the name Strawberry

It is mentioned on the show "How I Met Your Mother" that one of the main characters, Ted, dated a hippie named Strawberry
"Strawberry Girl," children's book written and illustrated by Lois Lenski
"Strawberry Fields Forever," song by The Beatles
Strawberry Shortcake, TV show and character
Strawberry Sparkle, one of the fairies from TV show "Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom"