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Gender: F Meaning of Selma: "godly helmet" Origin of Selma: German

Playing mah-jongg with her buddies Bernice and Myrna, but given a somewhat more youthful spin via actresses Selma Blair and Salma Hayek.

Famous People Named Selma

Selma Adzem, Bosnian singer
Selma Bajrami, Albanian-Bosnian pop star
Selma Blair, American actress
Selma Ergec, Turkish-German actress, beauty queen, & doctor
Selma Harrington, Bosnian-Irish architect & designer
Selma Kurz, Austrian opera singer
Selma Lagerlof, 1st female author to win Literature Nobel Prize
Selma Mekic, Bosnian TV host
Selma Yagci, Turkish boxer
Selma Diamond, American actress

Pop Culture References for the name Selma

Selma Malet, protagonist of Mary A. Dickens' "Cross Currents"
Selma, subject of Kenize Mourad's "Regards from the Dead Princess"
Selma, character on "The Crazy, Confused & Normal"
Selma Bouvier, character on "The Simpsons"
Selma, Alabama
"Selma," 2014 film
Selma, main character in the musical "Dancer in the Dark"

Selmah, Zelma, Sellma, Anselma, Sellmah, Selima