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Gender: F Meaning of Roisin: "little rose" Origin of Roisin: Irish. "little rose"

No, the pronunciation--ro-SHEEN--isn't immediately obvious to the non-Gaelic viewer, but the sound of this shiny Irish version of Rose is pretty enough to make it worth considering. Very popular in its native Ireland, it is now at Number 34. Earlier generations Anglicized at as Rosaleen, but we stay stick to the original.

The name has been associated with a 16th-17th century poem called Roisin Dubh (Dark Little Rose), the eponymous heroine of which is usually regarded as a personification of Ireland.

Singer Sinead O'Connor has a daughter named Róisin.

Famous People Named Roisin

Roisin Murphy, Irish singer-songwriter and record producer
Róisin Dillon, member of an Irish-American music group Cherish The Ladies

Pop Culture References for the name Roisin

Name of Sinead O'Connor's daughter
Roisin, from the TV series "Sinbad"
"Roisin Dubh" (pronounced "ro-sheen dove) is an old Irish song meaning "Black Rose"
It is commonly spelled with an accent ("fada") over the o and the final i.
Flogging Molly song "To Youth (My Sweet Roisin Dubh)"