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Gender: F Meaning of Philippa: "lover of horses" Origin of Philippa: Greek, feminine variation of Philip

Philippa is a prime example of a boy's name adapted for girls that was common as crumpets in Cornwall, but rarely heard stateside, never having appeared in the Top 1000. That was before the advent of royal sister-in-law Philippa Middleton, who goes by the lively nickname Pippa.

Philippa has been fashionable in England since the fourteenth century when King Edward married Philippa of Hainault. There have been several early Saint Philippas, and it was the name of the wife of Geoffrey Chaucer.

Novelist Philippa Gregory authored the bestselling historical novel The Other Boelyn Girl.

Famous People Named Philippa

Philippa Charlotte "Pippa" Middleton, socialite sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
Philippa Schuyler, American child pianist
Philippa Strum, American política las scientist
Philippa Gregory, British Author
Philippa Pearce, British Author

Pop Culture References for the Name Philippa

Phillipa, main character in the "Children of the Lamp" book series
Philippa Fisher From the "Philippa Fisher" book series
Philippa "Phil" Gordon, character in the Anne of Green Gables series
Dr Philippa Horwood, from movie "The Hole" played by Embeth Davidtz
Philippa, daughter of main character in the film "Inception".

Flip, Pelippa, Phil, Phillie, Phillipa, Phillipina, Philly, Pippi, Pippie, Pippy

Philippa's International Variations

Felipan, Filippa, Filia (French) Pippa, Fillippa, Filippina (Italian) Ina, Philippine, Filipa, Filipina, Philipa, Inka (Polish) Felipa, Felepita (Spanish) Pelipa (Zuni)