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Gender: F Pronunciation: NAN-cee Meaning of Nancy: "grace" Origin of Nancy: Diminutive of Hebrew Ann Nancy's Popularity in 2015: #820

A name that has always been in the Top 1000, Nancy was in the Top 20 from 1931 to 1962, in the Top 10 for several of those years; in 1940, Nancy was given to about 20,000 baby girls. However, Nancy's star appears to be waning, it has lost popularity in recent years and 2014 was it's lowest point yet.

But the name itself is still lovely. Nancy has a pleasant sound and look and is easy to spell and pronounce .

Nancy is a major character in Oliver Twist and is fondly remembered by some as Nancy Drew, girl detective, while contemporary kids are enjoying the Fancy Nancy series. Frank Sinatra paid tribute to his daughter with the song 'Nancy with the Laughing Face.' Nancy also has political ties, via the mother of Abraham Lincoln, the wife of Ronald Reagan (born Anne) and former House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Famous People Named Nancy

Nancy Hanks Lincoln, mother of Abraham Lincoln
Nancy Reagan, wife of President Ronald Reagan
Nancy Pelosi, former U.S. Speaker of the House
Nancy Sandra Sinatra, American actress/singer; daughter of Frank
Nancy Cartwright, American actress
Nancy Kerrigan, American Olympic figure skating champ
Nancy Mitford, English writer
Nancy McKeon, American actress
Nancy Wake, New Zealand agent in World War II
Nancy Grace, American legal commentator and prosecutor
Nancy Spungen, girlfriend of the Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious
Nancy Storace, English soprano
Nancy Jane Kulp, American character actress
Nancy Cameron, daughter of British Prime Minister, David Cameron

Pop Culture References for the name Nancy

Nancy Botwin, main character of the Showtime series Weeds.
Nancy Drew, fictional teen detective
Nancy, tragic heroine of 'Oliver Twist'
Nancy, character from Archie & Friends
Nancy Callahan, Jessica Alba's character in 'Sin City'
Nancy, character on "Kimberly"
Can call her Nance
Nurse Nancy Nichols, character in medical drama "Doc" (2001-2004)
"For the Love of Nancy", 1994 made-for-TV movie about anorexia, starring Tracey Gold from Growing Pains
"Sid and Nancy", 1986 British biopic about Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen
Nancy Bobofit, character in the 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' series
Nancy Ingeldew, character in Jenny Nimmo's "The Children of the Red King" series
Nancy Downs, character from the movie "The Craft"
Nancy Landgraab, character in "The Sims" (3&4) computer games

Nancy's International Variations

Nancsi, Nancsie (Hungarian) Nanig (Breton) Nani (Greek) Nanou, Nannette, Nanine (French) Nainsí (Irish Gaelic) Nanée (Armenian)