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Gender: F Meaning of Morgan: "circle; sea" Origin of Morgan: Welsh Morgan's Popularity in 2015: #120

Morgan has long been a traditional Welsh male name whose most notable female antecedent is Morgan le Fay, King Arthur's half-sister and a famed sorceress in Arthurian legend. In this country, Morgan is now used more for girls than boys, though considerably lower than its Top 25 status in the 1990's.

And although it's been veering south for both sexes, we still find Morgan a sophisticated choice.

Actress Morgan Fairchild--who had an influence on the name's popularity for girls-- was born Patsy.

Famous People Named Morgan

Morgan Eastwood, youngest daughter of Clint Eastwood
Morgan Weaving, Australian actress
Winter Morgan Williams, daughter of actress Gretchen Mol
Morgan Fairchild, American actress
Morgan Elizabeth York, American actress
Greta Morgan Salpeter, American musician (member of The Hush Sound)
Morgan Paige Brian, American soccer player

Pop Culture References for the name Morgan

Morgan le Fay, AKA Morgana, is a sorceress from the legend of King Arthur.
Morgan Stockhour, protaginist in Lauren DeStefano's "The Internment Chronicles"
Morgan Brody, character on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Morgan Matthews, character on the TV show "Boy Meets World"
Morgan, from the movie "Merlin"
Morgan Fey, character from 'Ace Attorney'

Morgan's International Variations

Muirgan, Morgane, Morgana, Morgaine (French)