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Gender: F Meaning of Lotus: "lotus flower" Origin of Lotus: Greek

Lotus is one of the most exotic and languorous of the flower names, with intriguing significance in both Buddhism and Hinduism, symbolizing purity, grace and spiritual growth--not to mention a familiar yoga position.

In ancient Greece, the lotus was a legendary plant, whose fruit was eaten by the mythical lotus eaters, causing them to go into a state of hypnotic forgetfulness.

Lotus Flower is a Chinese character in the 1931 Pulitzer Prize-winning Pearl S. Buck novel, The Good Earth. Rain Pryor, daughter of comedian Richard, named her daughter Lotus Marie.

Famous People Named Lotus

Embry Lotus Blais, daughter of "Top Chef" Richard Blais
Lotus Spelling, daughter of Randy Spelling
Flying Lotus, American experimental musician and rapper (real name Steven Ellison)

Pop Culture References for the name Lotus

"Lotus Flower Bomb", song by Wale ft. Miguel
Character in Pearl S. Buck's "The Good Earth"
Lotis, a nymph in Greek mythology who was changed into a lotus tree
The Order of the White Lotus, from the Avatar TV series