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Gender: F Pronunciation: Yo-HAHN-ah; Joe-HANN-ah Meaning of Johanna: "God is gracious" Origin of Johanna: Hebrew Johanna's Popularity in 2015: #541

Johanna is the version of this name used in Holland, Germany, and Scandinavia. The extra h makes Johanna a slightly more dignified version of Joanna.

A notable namesake is the author of Heidi, Johanna Spyri. There are Johannas in Sweeney Todd, The Hunger Games, and the Bob Dylan song, "Visions of Johanna."

A Continental classic, Johanna is currently in the Top 25 in Germany, Austria and Finland.

Famous People Named Johanna

Johanna von Trapp, one of the real-life children of Georg and Maria von Trapp (of "Sound of Music" fame)
Johanna Larsson, Swedish tennis player
Johanna Konta, Australian-British tennis player
Johanna Sigurdardottir, former prime minister of Iceland
Johanna Sjöberg, Swedish Olympic swimmer
Johanna Spyri, Swiss children's author
Johanna Gudrun Jonsdottir aka Yohanna, Icelandic pop singer
Johanna Sofia Blåsippa (Sofia) Karlsson, Swedish folk singer and instrumentalist

Pop Culture References for the name Johanna

Johanna Barker, character and song in "Sweeney Todd"
Johanna Mason, character in the Hunger Games series, portrayed by Jena Malone
Johanna Reyes, character in the Divergent series
Johanna Beckett, character on TV's "Castle"
"Visions of Johanna," song by Bob Dylan
"Johanna of the Spirits", song by the Cherry Poppin' Daddies
"Johanna," song by The Stooges
"Johanna," 2005 Hungarian film

Johnni, Jonni, Joanna, Jonnie, Johannah, Jo