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Gender: F Meaning of Ida: "industrious one" Origin of Ida: German

Many vowel names stylish a century ago are coming back, and Ida seems like a possible, logical successor to Ada and Ava.

A century ago, Ida was considered "sweet as apple cider," and was Number 10 on the hit parade of names. Its popularity then was inspired by a Tennyson poem, of which the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta Princess Ida, was a "respectful operatic perversion."

Ida hasn't been in the Top 1000 since the 1980's, but we do see it as slated to rise again. It is hugely popular right now in Scandinavia--Number 2 in Denmark, 10 in Norway and 25 in Sweden, where it's pronounced EE-da..

Ida appears in Greek and Hindu mythology; Mount Ida, on Crete, is considered the birthplace of the god Zeus.The British-born actress-director Ida Lupino has been its most well known bearer in the US

Famous People Named Ida

Ida M. Tarbell, American journalist
Ida B. Wells, American journalist
Ida Maria, Norwegian singer
Ida Saxton, wife of President William McKinley
Ida de Tosny, 12th-century mistress of King Henry II of England, heroine of Elizabeth Chadwick's novel "For The King's Favor"
Ida Rolf, biochemist and the creator of Structural Integration or "Rolfing"
Ida, a friend of Laura Ingalls Wilder
Ida Czaja, Kashubian reciter
Ida Fink, Polish-Jewish writer
Ida Haendel, Polish-Jewish violinist
Ida Kamińska, Polish-Jewish theatre and film actress and director
Idalia (Ida) Maria Kurcz, Polish psychologist
Ida Łotocka-Huelle, Polish painter
Ida Nowakowska, Polish film and musical actress and dancer
Ida Zimmermann, Polish-Jewish esperantist

Pop Culture References for the name Ida

Ida Svensson, Emil's little sister in Astrid Lindgren's Emil of Lönneberga
On Family Guy, Ida is the name chosen by Quagmire's father after he undergoes gender reassignment surgery.
Little Ida's Flowers is a short story written by Hans Christian Andersen.
Ida Lebenstein, character in 2013 Polish film "Ida"
Ida Borejko, character of polish series "Jeżycjada" by Małgorzata Musierowicz and main character in book "Ida sierpniowa".
Ida Jungman, character of Polish novel "Bunderbrookowie" by Tomasz mann

Ida's International Variations

Iduska (Czech) Idalia, Aida (Italian) Ita (Yiddish) Ide (French) Itka (Polish)