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Gender: F Meaning of Eloise: "healthy; wide" Origin of Eloise: French and English variation of Heloise Eloise's Popularity in 2014: #300

To some, Eloise will forever be the imperious little girl making mischief at the Plaza Hotel, while the original version Heloise recalls the beautiful and learned wife of the French philosopher Peter Abelard, admired for her fidelity and piety.

Along with many other names with the El- beginning and featuring the L sound in any place, Eloise is newly chic. Eloise jumped back onto the popularity list at Number 913 in 2009, then bounded up this year to Number 300, possibly thanks in part to the Eloise Hawking character on the popular TV series Lost. Eloise was the name of Jennifer Aniston's character in Love Happens. Denise Richards named one of her daughters Eloise.

Eloise nicknames might include Ellie, Lolly, or Lola. Eloisa is an Italian alternative, adding some vintage charm.

Famous People Named Eloise

Eloise Mumford, American actress
Eloise Greenfield, American novelist and poet
Eloise Jarvis McGraw, American novelist
Eloise Mignon, Australian actress
Eloise Taylor, granddaughter of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent
Eloise Beatrix Sophie Laurence, Countess of Orange-Nassau van Amsberg
Susan Eloise "S.E." Hinton, American novelist
Eloise Broady, American model and actress
Eloise Klein Healy, American poet
(Lavern) Eloise Laws, American R&B singer
Eloise May Jones, Canadian MP
Eloise Breckenridge Bendet Eisner, daughter of designer Stacy Bendet Eisner and producer Eric Eisner
Eloise Joni Richards, daughter of actress Denise Richards

Pop Culture References for the name Eloise

Eloise Bridgerton, character in the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn
Eloise, main character in series of children's books by Kay Thompson
Eloise, character in animated movie "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything"
Eloise, main character in the Pink Carnation series
Eloise Hawking, character on TV's "Lost"
Eloise Chandler, main character in movie "Love Happens"
Eloise Drew, character in the Nancy Drew series
Eloise Midgen, character in the Harry Potter series
Eloise Pritchart, character in the Honorverse series by David Weber
Eloise Waggoner, main character in "Kyrie" by Poul Anderson
"Eloise," song by Paul Ryan
"Dear Eloise," song by the Hollies
"Eloise," song by Arvingarna

Elouise, Aloysia, Heloise, Eloisia, Elois, Elouisa

Eloise's International Variations

Eloisa, Ilsa, Elsita (Spanish)