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Gender: F Meaning of Drew: "strong and manly" Origin of Drew: Diminutive of Andrew

Drew is an elegant formerly male-only alternative to Andy that joined the stylishly upscale Paige-Brooke-Blair sorority, thanks largely to Drew Barrymore. Barrymore comes by her first name legitimately: it was the maiden name of her paternal great-grandmother, Georgiana 'Georgie' Drew Barrymore, one of many esteemed actors in her family history.

Jessica Simpson used Drew as the middle name of her daughter Maxwell.

Famous People Named Drew

Drew Blyth Barrymore, American actress
Maxwell Drew Johnson, daughter of Jessica Simpson

Pop Culture References for the name Drew

Nancy Drew, teen girl detective and title character of the same name
Drew Tanaka, character in the 'Heroes of Olympus' series (Rick Riordan).

Drue, Dru