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Gender: M

Variation of Donald

Famous People Named Donnie

Donald Edmond "Donnie" Wahlberg, American actor
Donnie Yen, Hong Kong actor
Donnie Allison, American NASCAR driver
Donnie McClurkin, American gospel singer
Donnie Iris, American musician of bands Jaggerz and Wild Cherry
Donnie Moore, American baseball player
Donovan "Donnie" Jackson (b. 1992), son of actress Shar Jackson
Donnie Brown (b. 2016), daughter of actors Jessie Cave and Alfie Brown

Pop Culture References for the name Donnie

"Donnie Darko," 2001 movie
"Donnie Brasco," 1997 movie
Donnie Azoff, character in movie "The Wolf of Wall Street"
Donald "Donnie" Stevens, character from TV series "Even Stevens"
Donnie Hendrix, husband of Alison Hendrix on sci-fi thriller Orphan Black
"Donnie Barnes, regular guy," alter ego of Farkle Minkus on "Girl Meets World"
"What A Catch, Donnie", song by Fall Out Boy