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Gender: M Meaning of Daniel: "God is my judge" Origin of Daniel: Hebrew Daniel's Popularity in 2013: #10

Popularity: this week.

Daniel is a perennial favorite. Having re-entered the Top 10 this year, Daniel is one of only a handful of male names that sounds both classic and modern, strong yet approachable, and popular but not cliched, with a solid Old Testament pedigree. The only real downside: there are more than 14,000 Daniels named each year, making it a less than distinctive choice.

Daniel was popular in the days of Daniel Webster and Daniel Boone, and its appeal is international, from Ireland to Israel. It was the name of one of the greatest biblical heroes, with the inspiring story of the prophet whose faith protected him when he was thrown into a den of lions, yet does not seem as solemn and weighty as others like Abraham and Ezekiel. And its nicknames--Danny and Dan--make it sound even friendlier, though, as with other classics, many modern parents are opting to use the name in full.

Daniel is currently the top name in Spain.

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Famous People Named Daniel

Daniel Alan David "Danny" Jones, member of McFly
Daniel Handler, dark humor writer, Lemony Snicket's real name
Daniel "Dan" Beard, founder of the Boy Scouts of America
Daniel Boone, American pioneer
Daniel Bruhl, German/Spanish actor
Daniel Bryan, American professional wrestler
Daniel Dae Kim, American actor
Daniel Day-Lewis, English actor
Daniel "Danny" DeVito, American actor
Daniel Craig, English actor
Daniel "Dan" Jonathan Stevens, English actor
Daniel "Dan" DeCarlo, American cartoonist
Daniel Defoe, English writer
Daniel "Dan" Marino, former American football player
Daniel Patrick Moynihan, American politician
Daniel Tosh, American comedian
Daniel, Biblical prophet
Daniel Parke Custis (1711-'57), Martha Washington's first husband
Daniel Parke Custis, Jr. (1751-54), son of Daniel & Martha Washington
Daniel "Skip" Sahyounie, member of the Janoskians
Daniel Radcliffe, British actor known for playing Harry Potter
Daniel "Dan" Howell, English radio presenter and internet personality
Daniel Paille, Canadian NHL Hockey player
Daniel Santos, Puerto Rican boleros composer and singer of caribbean music
Daniel Sharman, English actor
Daniel Dewan Brown, American rapper
Daniel William "Danny" Wood, from group "New Kids On The Block"
Daniel Wayne Smith, son of Anna Nicole Smith
Daniel "Danny" Way, American pro skateboarder
Daniel Woods, rock climber
Daniel "Danny" Murillo, from group "Hollywood Undead"
Daniel "Dan" Carter New Zealand rugby player
Daniel "Dan" Campbell Smith, lead singer of "Bastille"

Pop Culture References for the Name Daniel

Dr. Daniel Jackson, from the TV show Stargate SG-1
Daniel Deronda, classic novel by George Eliot
Daniel Faraday, from the TV show 'Lost'
Daniel, the protagonist of the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Daniel "Dan" Humphrey, a character on Gossip Girl
Daniel LaRusso, main character of The Karate Kid franchise
Daniel Tosh from TV Comedy Tosh.O
"Daniel" song by Elton John
Daniel, Emilio Esteves' s character in The Way
Daniel "Danny" Fenton, character in Nickelodeon's "Danny Phantom"
J.Daniel Atlas, from the movie "Now You See Me"
Daniel " Dan" Cahill from the 39 clues
Daniel Slippery, character on "Fortysomething"
Daniel "Danny" Edward Morgan, character on soap General Hospital
Daniel "Danny" MaccabDee III, from movie "Just Go With It"
Daniel "Danny" Messer, character on CSI: NY
Daniel Altan Wing aka 'Day', hero of Marie Lu's Legend Trilogy.
Daniel "Danny" DeVito-character from Grease, played by John Travolta.
Daniel "Danny" Torrance, character in "The Shining" book by Stephen King, movie by Stanley Kubrick
"Daniel", song by Bat for Lashes
"Daniel", song by Devendra Bernhart
Daniel Grigori, a main character and fallen angel in the 'Fallen' series (Lauren Kate)

Dan, Danal, Dane, Daneal, Dannie, Danny, Danyal, Danyel

Daniel's International Variations

Danele (Basque) Danko, Dano, Danek (Czech) Daneel (Dutch) Daneil (Eastern European) Taneli (Finnish) Danial (French) Dacso (Hungarian) Dainéal, Dainial (Irish Gaelic) Daniyel, Dani (Israeli) Daniele (Italian) Daniels (Latvian) Danila, Daniell, Daniil, Danilka, Danil, Danya, Danylo (Russian) Donelo, Danialo, Nilo, Nelo (Spanish) Dannel (Swiss) Danilo (Ukranian) Deiniol (Welsh)