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Gender: F Meaning of Carrie: "free man" Origin of Carrie: Diminutive of Carol or Caroline

Carrie lives on mainly on the screen, as the new/old antiheroine of Stephen King's classic Carrie, as turn-of-the-21st-century diva Carrie Bradshaw of Sex & The City, and as Claire Danes' Emmy-winning character Carrie Mathison of Homeland. In real life, however, Carrie dropped off the Top 1000 a handful of years ago and, while the name retains some charm, shows no signs of making an imminent comeback. Try Cara instead.

Famous People Named Carrie

Carrie Underwood, American country singer
Carrie Fisher, American actress
Carrie Sheinberg, American skier
Carrie Brownstein, American musician and actress
Carrie Preston, American Actress
Carrie Hope Fletcher, British Actress and Youtuber
Carrie Chapman Catt, American women's suffrage leader
Carrie Bickmore, Australian Reporter

Pop Culture References for the name Carrie

Carrie Bradshaw, main character in TV's "Sex and the City"
Carietta "Carrie" White, main character in movie/book "Carrie" by Stephen King
Carrie Donovan, character in TV's "Townies"
Carrie Mathison, main character in TV's "Homeland"
Carrie Heffernan, character in TV's "King of Queens"
Carrie Rawlins, character in movie "Bedknobs and Broomsticks"
Carrie Ingalls, character in book/TV series "Little House on the Prairie"
Carrie "Big Boo" Black, character in TV's "Orange is the New Black"
Carrie Bishop, minor character in TV's "Veronica Mars"
Caroline Forbes, character in TV's "Vampire Diaries," rarely called Care/Carrie
Carrie Anne, character in movie "House at the End of the Street"
Carrie Roman, doctor on the TV show Nurse Jackie
Carrie, psycho nanny to James Lucas Scott, on "One Tree Hill"

Carrey, Kari, Carry, Carri, Karri, Carria, Carree, Carey, Cary