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Gender: F Meaning of Caitlin: "pure" Origin of Caitlin: Irish variation of Catherine Caitlin's Popularity in 2015: #609

An Irish and Welsh form of Catherine, Caitlin was a boom name of the eighties, rocketing from obscurity (Americans first heard it via the wife of doomed poet Dylan Thomas) to the height of popularity in the space of a decade. The original name was gradually eclipsed by its myriad spelling variations -- Katelyn and Kaitlyn both soon topping it on the popularity lists.

Now, most forms of Caitlin, including this most-authentic one, have started to dip, though there have been thousands of girls named Caitlin -- and Katelyn and Kaitlyn ad infinitum -- every year for the past three decades. So, while Caitlin is certainly one of the loveliest variations of Catherine, it's been overused to the point of semi-retirement, at least in the U.S. Cait might be a short form.

Actor Breckin Meyer named his daughter Caitlin in 2003. Caitlyn Jenner also brought a renewed fame to the name, though she uses the -lyn variation.

Famous People Named Caitlin

Caitlin "Cait" Brennan, American screenwriter and performer
Caitlin Davies, English writer
Caitlin Flanagan, American writer
Caitlin R. Kiernan, American author
Catherine "Caitlin" Moran, English journalist
Caitlin Thomas, wife of poet Dylan Thomas
Caitlin Bassett, Australian netball player
Caitlin Campbell, New Zealand footballer
Caitlin Cahow, American ice hockey player
Caitlin "Kitty" Carruthers, American figure skater
Caitlin Cunningham, Australian basketball player
Caitlin Lever, Canadian softball player
Caitlin Leverenz, American swimmer
Caitlin Lowe, Americal softball player and Olympian
Caitlin Mallory, American ice dancer
(Lauren) Caitlin "Caite" Upton, Miss Teen South Carolina USA 2007
Caitlin McClatchey, Scottish swimmer
Caitlin Willow Meyer, daughter of Actor Breckin Meyer
Caitlin Cassidy, daughter of actor/producer Shaun Cassidy
Caitlin Ashley Fein, American actress; twin sister Amanda Fein
Caitlin Jean Stasey, Australian actress

Pop Culture References for the name Caitlin

Caitlin, main character in "Mockingbird" by Kathryn Erskine
Caitlin "Kate" Todd, character in TV's "NCIS"
Caitlin Caine, character in the movie "The Long Kiss Goodnight"
Caitlin Atwater, character in the movie "The Staircase Murders"
Caitlin O'Shea, character in the movie "Falling Up"
Caitlin Cooke, character in animated series "6teen"
Caitlin Ryan, character on TV's "Degrassi: The Next Generation"
Caitlin Sommers, main character in the novel Summer Sisters
Caitlin Snow, character in the TV show 'The Flash'