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Gender: F Meaning of Bridget: "strength or exalted one" Origin of Bridget: Anglicized variation of Gaelic Brighid Bridget's Popularity in 2015: #537

An early Irish immigrant to the U. S., Bridget, the most familiar form of the name of the Celtic goddess of wisdom, is still used by traditionalists but also carries some modern spark and a great meaning.

Bridget is the name of the most famous female saint of Ireland, who became the patroness of her country, as well as patron saint of scholars, poets and healers. Because of her sanctity, the name did not come into common use in Ireland until the seventeenth century, after which it became wildly popular, eventually used as a generic name for an Irishwoman.

According to Irish myth, there were three sister goddesses named Brigid: the goddess of poetry, the goddess of healing, and the goddess of agriculture.

Most prominent Bridgets today are actresses Fonda and Moynahan, op artist Bridget Riley, and the fictional hapless Bridget Jones--she and her diary the protagonist of two books and a movie.

Irish variants include Brighid, Brigid (as in the devious character in The Maltese Falcon), Bridie, Biddy and Bedelia.

Famous People Named Bridget

Bridget Cromwell (married name Bridget Ireton), Oliver Cromwell's favourite daughter, wife of Major-General Henry Ireton
Bridget Monroe Pope, daughter of Rosie Pope
Bridget Fonda, American actress
Bridget Hall, American supermodel
Bridget Marquardt, American reality TV star
Bridget Moynahan, American actress and model
Bridget Regan, American actress
Bridget Sloan, American gymnast
Bridget Cleary, Irish woman killed by her husband in 1895

Pop Culture References for the name Bridget

Bridget Jones, character in Bridget Jones's Diary
Bridget Vreeland in the The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Bridget Hennessy, oldest sister in the sitcom "8 Simple Rules"
Bridget, from the movie "Coney Island Baby"
Bridget Kelly, from TV series "Ringer"
Bridget Monroe Pope, Rosie Pope's youngest daughter
Bridget, character in Moms' Night Out, played by Abbie Cobb
Bridget Tice, character in the YouTube series "Most Popular Girls in School"
Bridget Barsamian, main character in "Goodbye Stranger" by Rebecca Stead

Biddy, Bridgitte, Bree, Bridey, Bidu, Bridgie, Brigit, Bridgit, Brie, Bridie, Brigita

Bridget's International Variations

Bríd, Breda, Brighid, Brigid, Bride (Irish) Piritta, Riitta, Pirjo, Pirkko (Finnish) Ffraid (Welsh) Brygid, Brygida (Polish) Gitta (German) Birgitta, Bridgette (Scandinavian) Gittan, Brita, Brigitta, Berget, Britta, Britt (Swedish) Brigitte (French) Birte, Birgitte, Berit, Birgit (Norwegian) Brigida (Italian)