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Gender: F Origin of Asia: Place-name Asia's Popularity in 2015: #907

This still attractive and exotic place-name was one of the first to gain popularity, though it now probably owes some of its favor to its similarity to Aisha. Asia ranked as high as Number 195 on the U.S. baby names popularity list in 1997.

In Greek myth, Asia is the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys and mother of, among others, Atlas and Prometheus.

One of the best-known modern bearers of the name is Italian actress, singer and director Asia Argento, who is probably responsible for its popularity in Italy. Another well-known Asia Monet Ray, a dancer featured on the hit television shows Dance Moms and Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.

Famous People Named Asia

(Aria) Asia Argento, Italian actress/director, pronounced, AH-zia
Virginia Asia Agnelli, daughter of Italian Fiat heir Giovanni Agnelli
Asia Ray, contestant on TV's "Ultimate Dance Competition", "Raising Asia", and "Dance Moms".

Pop Culture References for the name Asia

Asia, British progressive rock band
Asia, a continent.
Asia Ramone, character from What Real Life Is
Asia Kinney, Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney's dog

Aisian, Ayzia, Asianae, Asian, Azha, Aisia, Aja, Asya, Asiah, Aysia, Aysiah, Ahsia, Aysian