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Gender: F Meaning of Alice: "noble" Origin of Alice: German Alice's Popularity in 2014: #97

Alice is a classic name that's both strong and sweet, which got a big bounce via Tina Fey's choice of the name for her daughter. In the past five years alone, Alice has jumped from Number 258 to Number 97.

Alice is quite unique among traditional girls' names--more feminine and dainty than Mary and Helen, more substantive than Ann or Jane, yet with more lightness and innocent charm than Margaret or Katharine.

Alice is a darling of literature, from the immortal heroine in Alice in Wonderland to an unusual number of fine modern writers like Alices Munro, Walker, Sebold, Hoffman, McDermott, Adams, and Elliott Dark. In other fields there were First Daughter Alice Roosevelt, painter Alice Neel, food innovator Alice Waters and literary figure Alice B. Toklas, to name a few.

Alice is also a British royal, as Queen Victoria's second daughter, the princess who shocked her Victorian mother by breastfeeding her baby.

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Famous People Named Alice

(Marie) Alice Heine, Princess consort of Albert I of Monaco
Alice of Battenberg, Princess of Greece and Denmark, mother of Britain's Prince Philip
Alice Perrers, mistress of King Edward III of England
Alice of Champagne, Queen consort of Hugh I of Cyprus
Alice Babette Toklas, American memoirist; partner of author Gertrude Stein
Alice Sophia Eve, English actress
Alice Taglioni, French actress
Alice Glass, Canadian lead singer of band Crystal Castles
Alice Hannah Meiqui Greczyn, American actress and model
Alice Ann Munro, Canadian novelist
Alice Lisle, English martyr
Alice Stokes Paul, American suffragist
Alice Roosevelt Longworth, daughter of U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt
Alice Schwarzer, German feminist and publisher
Alice Sebold, American novelist
Alice Malsenior Walker, American novelist and activist
Alice Cooper (born Vincent Furnier), American male rock musician
Alice Jane Evans, British actress
Alice Ripley, American actress
Alice Richmond, daughter of actress Tina Fey
Alice Burdeu, Australian fashion model
Alice Pleasance Liddell, English girl who inspired Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"
Alice "Beth" Elizabeth Chapman, American TV personality and bounty hunter
Alice Allegra Englert, Australian actress
Alice Felgate, British actress
Alice Mary Victoria Augusta Pauline, Princess of Albany, Countess of Athlone; last surviving grandchild of Britain's Queen Victoria
Princess Alice Christabel Montagu Douglas Scott, Duchess of Gloucester
Alice of Jerusalem, Princess of Antioch
Alice Ayres, English nursemaid who rescued children in her care from a house fire; inspiration for Patrick Marber's 1997 play "Closer"
(Hildur) Alice Babs, Swedish singer
Alice Hoffman, American novelist
Alice McDermott, American novelist
Alice Faye (born Alice Jeane Leppert), American actress
Alice Siu-Ping Chan Wong, Canadian MP and cabinet minister
Alice Mary Tait, Australian Olympic swimmer
Alice Grace Green, daughter of novelist John Green
Alice Harper Fiore Tigerman, daughter of actress Kathryn Fiore

Pop Culture References for the Name Alice

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," novel by Lewis Carroll
Alice, main character on TV's 'Once Upon A Time in Wonderland'
Alice Cullen, vampire character in the Twilight Saga
Alice Kramden, character on TV's "The Honeymooners"
Alice Nelson, housekeeper on TV's "The Brady Bunch"
Alice Kingsley, main character in 2010 film 'Alice in Wonderland'
Alice Abernathy, main character in the Resident Evil film series
'The Disappearance of Alice Creed', 2009 thriller film
Dame Alice, character in Chaucer's 'Canterbury Tales'
Alice, main character in "Living Dead Girl" by Elizabeth Scott
Alice Munro, character in J.F. Cooper's 'The Last of the Mohicans'
Alice Tate, main character in 1990 film 'Alice'
Alice Ayres, character in play and film 'Closer," inspired by the English nursemaid of the same name
Alice Holbrook, main character in 2004 film 'The Truth About Love'
Alice Tallis, main character in 2002 film 'Killing Me Softly'
'Go Ask Alice', 1971 novel written anonymously
Alice Merton, character in G. A. Henty's "Facing Death"
Alice Leeds, character in Gabrielle Zevin's "Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac"
Alice Quinn, character in Lev Grossman's 'The Magicians'
Alice Doyle, character on TV's "Frasier"
Alice Rannt, character in video-game "Sims: 3" Moonlight Bay
'Alice Academy', anime series
Alice Twilight, character in video game 'No More Heroes 2'
Alice Donnelly, character in 1984 film "Racing With the Moon"
Alice Starky aka Alice Star, character in "This golden land" by Barbara Wood
Alice Westfall Rasheed, character in "Virgins of paradise" by Barbara Wood
Alice Wood and Alice Fairfax, characters in Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre"
Alice, programming language
"Alice," song by Moby
Alice in Chains, American rock band
Alice Nine, Japanese rock band
Alice + Olivia, fashion brand

Adelice, Aleceea, Alecia, Aleece, Aleetheea, Aleethia, Alesia, Alessa, Ali, Alia, Alicah, Alicea, Alicen, Alicie, Alidee, Alie, Aliece, Alikah, Aliki, Alis, Alisah, Alisann, Alisanne, Alise, Alisha, Alison, Alissa, Alisz, Alitheea, Alitia, Alix, Alize, Alla, Allecia, Alleece, Alleeceea, Alles, Alless, Alli, Allice, Allicea, Allie, Allis, Allise, Allison, Allissa, Allisun, Allisunne, Allix, Allsun, Ally, Allyce, Allyceea, Allys, Allyse, Allysia, Allysiah, Allyson, Allyssa, Allysson, Alyce, Alyceea, Alys, Alysa, Alyse, Alysia, Alyson, Alyss, Alyssa, Alysse, Elissa, Elli, Ellie, Ellissa, Ellsa, Elsa, Elyssa, Ilysa, Ilysah, Ilyssa, Ilysse, Leece, Leese, Lissa, Lyssa, Talicia

Alice's International Variations

Alica (Czech) Aliz, Alizka, Alike, Lici (Greek) Alika, Aleka (Hawaiian) Ailis (Irish) Alisia, Alizala (Polish) Alisa, Alya (Russian) Aili (Scottish) Licha, Alicia (Spanish)

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