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Gender: M Meaning of Adrian: "man of Adria" Origin of Adrian: Latin Adrian's Popularity in 2013: #60

Adrian has in the past been neglected due to its similarity to the feminine Adrienne, but is now being reconsidered. Well used in England since the 1950s, and the name of one Pope and several saints -- it could be a winning choice. Adriano is a pleasing foreign variation, and you could always go back to the Roman Emperor version, Hadrian.

Adrian Pucey is a Harry Potter character, and on the small screen, namesakes include Adrian Monk and Entourage actor Adrian Grenier.

Adrian is also enjoying international popularity, ranking Number 6 in Spain, and equally high in Puerto Rico and the Philippines.

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Famous People Named Adrian

Pope Adrian I
Pope Adrian II
Pope Adrian III
Pope Adrian IV, the only English pope
Pope Adrian V
Pope Adrian VI, Dutch pope
Adrian of Batanea, Christian martyr and saint
Adrian of Canterbury, Abbot of St Augustine's Abbey in Canterbury
Adrian of May, Scottish saint martyred by Vikings
Adrian of Moscow, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia
Adrian of Nicomedia, Herculian Guard of Galerius Maximian
Adrian of Ondrusov, Russian Orthodox saint
Adrian of Poshekhonye, Russian Orthodox saint
Adrian Leo Doyle, Australian prelate
Adrian von Walenburch, Dutch auxiliary bishop of Cologne
Adrian Amstutz, Swiss politician
Adrian Bailey, British Labour Co-operative politician
Adrian Cruickshank, Australian politician and philanthropist
Adrian Dix, Canadian politician
Adrian Johns, English governor of Gibraltar
Adrian Piccoli, Australian politician
Adrian Sanders, English Liberal Democrat politician
Adrian Severin, Romanian politician
Adrian Archibald, British motorcycle racer
Adrian Arrington, American National Football League player
Adrian Aucoin, Canadian National Hockey League player
Adrian Buchan, Australian surfer
Adrian Cann, Canadian Major League Soccer player
Adrian Clayborn, American NFL player
Adrian Cristea, Romanian footballer
Adrian Cruciat, Romanian tennis player
Adrian Dantley, American retired National Basketball Association player
Adrian Diaconu, Romanian professional boxer
Adrian Falub, Romanian footballer
Adrian Forbes, English footballer
Adrian Gonzalez, Mexican-American Major League Baseball player
Adrian Griffin, American retired NBA player
Adrian Heath, English football manager and former player
Adrian Ilie, Romanian retired footballer
Adrian Ionescu, Romanian footballer
Adrian Iordache, Romanian footballer
Adrian Jacobs, South African rugby player
Adrian Jarvis, English rugby player
Adrian Jones, American football player
Adrian Jones, English former cricketer
Adrian Leijer, Australian footballer
Adrian Lungu, Romanian rugby union footballer
Adrian Mannarino, French tennis player
Adrian Mariappa, English footballer
Adrian McPherson, American quarterback in the Canadian Football League
Adrian Miedziński, Polish motorcycle speedway rider
Adrian Mierzejewski, Polish footballer
Adrian Morley, English professional rugby player
Adrian Mutu, Romanian footballer
Adrian Neaga, Romanian footballer
Adrian Newey, British race car engineer and designer
Adrian Peterson, American NFL running back
Adrian Purtell, Australian rugby player
Adrian Quist, Australian male tennis player
Adrian Ropotan, Romanian footballer
Adrian Serioux, Canadian soccer player
Adrian Sikora, Polish footballer
Adrian Schultheiss, Swedish figure skater
Adrian Stoian, Romanian footballer
Adrian Stoop, English rugby union player
Adrian Sutil, German Formula One racing driver
Adrian Turner, British Olympic swimmer
Adrian Ungur, Romanian tennis player
Adrian Webster, New Zealand footballer
Adrian Webster, retired English footballer
Adrian, born Adrian Adolph Greenberg, costume designer for over 250 films
Adrian Alphona, Canadian comic book artist
Adrian Belew, American guitarist, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer
Adrian Biddle, English cinematographer
Adrian Borland, English singer, songwriter, guitarist and record producer
Adrian Boult, English conductor
Adrian Chiles, British television and radio presenter
Adrian Dunbar, Northern Ireland actor
Adrian Edmondson, English actor, comedian, director, writer and musician
Adrian Enescu, Romanian composer
Adrian Erlandsson, Swedish heavy metal drummer
Adrian Grenier, American actor, musician and director
Adrian Gurvitz, English singer, musician and songwriter
Adrian Griffin, Australian drummer
Adrian Heath, British painter
Adrian Hodges, British television and film writer
Adrian Hoven, Austrian actor, producer and film director
Adrian Jones, English sculptor and painter who specialized in animals, particularly horses
Adrian Kowanek, Polish musician
Adrian Legg, English guitar player
Adrian Lester, British actor
Adrian Lukis, British actor
Adrian Lyne, English filmmaker and producer
Adrian Mitchell, English poet, novelist and playwright
Adrian Pasdar, American actor and film director
Adrian Paul, English actor
Adrian Rawlins, English actor
Adrian Rollini, American multi-instrumentalist best known for his jazz music
Adrian Scarborough, English character actor
Adrian Sherwood, English record producer
Adrian Sieber, Swiss singer and the lead singer in the Swiss Britpop band Lovebugs
Adrian Smith, English musician and one of three guitarists/songwriters in the English band Iron Maiden
Adrian Truss, English actor, voice actor and comedy writer
Adrian Utley, English musician best known as a member of the band Portishead
Adrian Vandenberg, Dutch rock guitarist
Adrian Willaert, Flemish composer of the Renaissance and founder of the Venetian School
Adrian Young, American drummer for the rock band No Doubt
Adrian Zingg, Swiss painter
Adrian Zmed, American television personality and film actor
Adrian Bejan, Romanian-born professor of mechanical engineering at Duke University
Adrian von Bubenberg, Bernese knight, general and mayor
Adrian Cioroianu, Romanian historian, politician, journalist, and essayist
Adrian Cronauer, American lawyer and radio speaker
Adrian Darby, British conservationist and academic
Adrian Finighan, British journalist
Adrian Frutiger, Swiss typeface designer
Adrian Fulford, British judge
Adrian Geiges, German writer and journalist
Adrian Goldsworthy, British historian and author who writes mostly about ancient Roman history
Adrian Hanauer, American businessman and minority owner and general manager of the Seattle Sounders FC
Adrian Hardy Haworth, English entomologist, botanist and carcinologist
Adrian Holovaty, American web developer, journalist and entrepreneur
Adrian van Hooydonk, Dutch automobile designer
Adrian Kantrowitz, American cardiac surgeon
Adrian Kashchenko, Ukrainian writer, historian of Zaporozhian Cossacks
Adrian Knox, Australian judge
Adrian Lamo, Colombian-American threat analyst and "grey hat" hacker
Adrian von Mynsicht, German alchemist
Adrian Rogers, American pastor, conservative, author
Adrian Ursu, Romanian journalist
Adrian Weale, English writer, journalist, illustrator and photographer

Pop Culture References for the Name Adrian

Adrian Andrews, character from 'Ace Attorney'
Adrian Pucey, Harry Potter character
Adrian Monk, neurotic TV detective on "Monk"
Adrian, the name of Rosemary's Baby
Adrian Pennino, wife of Rocky Balboa
Adrian Lee, female character from "The Secret Life of the American Teenager"
Adrian Mole, intellectually ambitious but nerdish schoolboy in Sue Townsend’s humorous novel "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4" (1982), whose growing pains are further chronicled in later novels
Edgar Douglas Adrian (Lord Adrian), 1889-1977, British physiologist
Adrian Ivashkov, character in the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead
Adrian Helmsley, character from movie "2012"
Adrian, role in August Bournonville's comic ballet The Kermesse in Bruges
Adrian Moore, character from TV series "Nip/Tuck"

Ade, Adrean, Hadrian

Adrian's International Variations

Arje (Dutch) Adrien (French) Adorjan (Hungarian) Aidrian (Irish Gaelic) Adriano (Italian) Adrião (Portuguese) Adrián, Adrín (Spanish)

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