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    Not sure if you're aware that Hermès is a high end luxury brand. I think most people are familiar enough with it to put it up there with names like Chanel or Bentley.
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    Mercury- In theory, I like planet names on kids. In theory, I'd like to meet one and believe the right kid could totally pull it off. In theory.
    Thor- I've treasured this name for at least a dozen years. I was disappointed to see the movie make it more...familiar. If that doesn't bother you, by all means, use it!
    Echo - like on male the best.- Echo is another "in theory" name for me. I do like obscure names. I do like word names. The -o ending should help it seem more doable, at the moment.
    Loki- Doesn't grab me.
    Perseus- It's cool.
    Paris- I think other place names have more spunk and potential now.
    Phoenix- Almost want to say the same thing here, but I do love the sound of it still.
    Sirius- Among Suri Cruise, the word serious, Siri the iphone gal, and Sirius radio, I don't get this one, sorry.
    Theseus- Well, I can't a list, but I don't get this one either.
    Tristan- Always on the outer edges of popularity. Always strong. Just sparse enough to stay interesting imo.
    Aries- Lovely sound.

    Middle Names
    Launcelot- Big Lancelot fan, so I'll get on board.
    Atlas- I give it a 7 on 1 to 10.
    Zephyr- I like it a lot.
    Hermes- It's okay.
    Mordred- Morbid. Dread. More dread. Murdered. Normally, I despise for ppl to make name connections, but sometimes it matters.
    Excalibur- It's a lot of name but I love the idea of it!
    Loki- Nah.
    Llyr- Sure.
    Odysseus- Too much.
    Fun list! I like to think there is someone who'd actually go this route. : )

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    oops dbl posted.

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    Personally, I know too many pets by most of these names to ever taken them seriously on a person. Sorry! It would make me think like "Hi, my name is Fluffy, nice to meet you!"

    OK are Paris and Phoenix, I like Tristan and Aries but wouldn't use them.

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    Atlas is by far my favourite, I think it's a great name.

    Loki, Paris, Phoenix, Aries, Tristan, Zephyr, Perseus, Thor and Echo are all great names but I do prefer Echo on a girl.
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