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    How many years has it been?
    5-6: Three years

    What happens?
    5. Move - DW(DMom) gets a job transfer and move

    Roll to find out where:
    4. Albuquerque, NM

    List your family here:

    DMom: Claire Milla West (28)
    DD: Ivy Desiree West (3)
    Pet Lizard: Gary

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    Caulfield, Sigourney

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    United States
    DW: Ariel Lola {Bowers} Krause, age 21 (5)
    7: Arts: Photographer

    DH:Leo Micah Krause, age 22 (2)
    9: Everyday Hero: Firefighter

    What's their story?
    Ariel and Leo grew up together, they lived right next door from each other since Ariel was 6. In high school Leo asked Ariel out, because his feelings for her where so strong. They were always referred to as the "forever couple" he was the athletic one, she the artsy. He spent his time either on the fields or with her, and she spent her time in the art studio her parents had set up for her, or with him. Their senior year of high school they won prom queen and king together. He graduated a year before her and decided to stay in town and go to the community college 20 minutes away. He waited for her to graduate and then proposed in her favorite spot, the beach that they went to as young children. She of course said yes, and 4 months later, in September they got married. Upon returning from their honeymoon they settled down in a 4 bedroom townhouse in Seattle, Washington.

    A year later, established in their careers they have both decided they aren't ready to have children, they want to wait until they are both a little bit older, but they quickly take in their best friends, Katie and Mike's three children when the young kids' parents die in a horrible plane accident. William Henry Anderson is just barely 3 months old, and twins Kaia Grace and Lucas Finn are 3. Katie and Mike had just gotten two kittens, so Ariel and Leo take them in, knowing the children will adjust a little bit better with their animals. Their names are Riley and Nora.
    3 months, 3, 3

    Liam's room:
    Kaia and Luke's room:
    Ariel and Leo's room:
    Living room:
    Kitchen/Dining room:

    Two years later, after adjusting to life with three small children, Leo gets a promotion at the fire station. They decide it is time to move into a bigger townhouse, since the children are getting older and they want to have a child of their own. They move into a 5 bedroom, upstairs/downstairs townhouse not far from where they where first living. Everyone gets their own room and one room is turned into a nursery for twins 3 months after moving in when Leo and Ariel find out they are expecting! Ivy Lola and Sebastian Leo are born 6 months later!
    NB. NB, 2, 5, 5

    Kaia's room:
    Luke's room:
    Liam's room:

    Four years later, Leo gets some vacation time and the family takes a trip to Disney World in Florida. The kids, ages 4, 6, and 9 are ecstatic about the trip, and Ariel and Leo enjoy the time away from the chaos of everyday life back at home.

    Family: Leo and Ariel Krause
    Lucas Finn Anderson-Krause (Luke)
    Kaia Grace Anderson-Krause
    William Henry Anderson-Krause (Liam)
    Ivy Lola Krause
    Sebastian Leo Krause (Baz)

    Leo and Ariel:

    Kaia and Luke:


    Ivy and Baz:

    Riley and Nora (Orange):

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    DW: Sarah Autumn Cook
    DH: Declan Trevor Cook
    DD#1: Harper Rose
    DD#2: Norah Quinn
    DS#1: Benjamin Declan
    DD#3: Georgia Autumn
    DD#4: Jensen Sarah

    How many years has it been?
    2) Two years

    What happens?
    2) Baby
    Name: Lucas Link

    DW: Sarah Autumn Cook
    DH: Declan Trevor Cook
    DD#1: Harper Rose
    DD#2: Norah Quinn
    DS#1: Benjamin Declan
    DD#3: Georgia Autumn
    DD#4: Jensen Sarah
    DS#2: Lucas Link

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    Me: Clara Felicia Pearce (28, Photographer, Mother)
    Him: Simon Oliver Pearce (29, Sergeant in the Marines, Father)
    Adopted Boy: Donovan Ash Pearce (6)
    Biological Boy: Austin Oliver Pearce (4)
    Pet Lizard: Willy
    We decided to adopt again! Our adopted girl is Margaret (Meg) Stella Pearce.
    Girls: Jana | Hollis | Mae | Diana | Cassandra | Della | Julia | Lia | Amy | Willa | Lucienne

    Boys: Leland | Reilly | Josiah | Isaiah | Leo | Liam | Gabriel | Eli | Jeremy | Philip | Harrison

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