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    I've been cloth diapering for 3.5 years now (my son for 3 years, and daughter for 18 months) and have used a variety of diapers, but for the last 2 years have used prefolds and Flip covers (they're one size starting around 6 weeks or 2 months, depending on babies' size). My pocket diapers (purchased new) have leaked nearly from the beginning. I don't know if it's something in my water, but I've used Rockin' Green deterget, I strip the diapers, I avoid diaper creams, and they still leak! I feel like Flips are just as convenient as pockets but I never worry about them leaking since there's no fleece to repel. I've never used the Flip microfiber inserts, so I can't comment on those. I also sugget looking into green mountain prefolds.

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    You have to use different size cloth diapers for your both baby. As my point of view huggies is best brands for baby which is organic and baby skin friendly.

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    I use Alva Baby diapers. I like them. They are a pocket diaper. I order them individually on ebay and have gotten them for as little as $3 a diaper (although that wouldn't always include the insert). For the insert you don't have to use the one it comes with. You can buy microfiber cloths as the dollarstore and stuff the diapers with that. It's important that the insert fills out the entire space from side to side at the crotch, or else there will be leakage down the sides. The inserts they come with aren't always wide enough, which is why I recommend the microfibre cloths, or a prefold you can fold how ever wide you want. I just use a regular step garbage bin as a diaper pail, and I have some pail liners (love them) so I can just lift the whole thing out and wash it all together.
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