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    First Baby ...Help with Girls Names

    I'm 6 months pregnant and while we have a strong list of boys names we are struggling with girls names.

    >I'm an "Ashley" so popularity of a name is important to me. I would hate for our child to have a super popular name and be the 3rd in his/her class (Blah).

    >My dh is named Kelsey so we don't mind unisex names.

    >I work with kids so certain names are off limits because I associate them with a particular child.

    Here is what we have for boys:

    Jasper - LOVE, this is my favorite!
    Anderson - Like the idea of calling him "Andy" for short.
    Miller - Haven't heard this one on another baby and like the "er" ending.
    Prescott - Like the formal feeling.

    Our girls list:

    Emmie - The only name we agree on. Originally we were leaning toward "Emerson" but concerned too trendy & becoming popular.
    Makinley - dh loves this one. I'm not convinced.
    Robyn - I think it's very sweet...dh thinks it's outdated.
    Lucy - I think it's really spunky & my favorite heroine > dh says it's a dogs name.
    Channing - Never met a Channing, think it's charming > dh concerned people will call her "Chan" which he hates.

    ***In addition we have our baby's middle name already chosen to honor family. If it's a girl it will be "May Rose" or "Opal May".

    OK...phew...that's it. Please help
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    Thanks Mischa, but Kelsey is my husbands name hehe . This will be our 1st.

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    Emmie is very nicknamey to me, though it IS pretty cute. How about Emmeline, Embry, or Emery instead?

    I don't really like Makinley either. It looks like a misspelled traditional Irish name. Do you like Marlowe, Marjorie, or Marley?

    Robyn is probably my favorite from your list! Maybe he'd like a different bird name though? Like Wren, Oriole, or Peregrine.

    Lucy always reminds me of Lucille Ball! She'd be a pretty cool namesake. But, maybe your DH would like Luna, Luella, or Lorelei better?

    Channing just makes me think of Channing Tatum, which makes me think it's a very masculine name. Chesney, Chantilly, and Charlize are more feminine.

    Some combos:
    Emmeline Opal May
    Marley May Rose (I like this alitteration, it sounds musical)
    Wren May Rose
    Luna May Rose
    Charlize Opal May

    Hope this helps!
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    You have some nice boy names.

    For girls i like Robin the best. Lucy second.

    Instead of Channing, what about Chanel? (Sha-nelle)?
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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