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    Jewel Rosalie Blake and Rhys Langston Blake

    Year 1 - Jewel and Rhys welcome a son.
    Name: Elliot Christian Blake

    Year 2 - The family adopts a German Shepherd puppy.
    Name: Otto

    Year 3 - Jewel and Rhys welcome a second son.
    Name: Jonah Lazarus Blake

    Year 4 - Jewel and Rhys are suprised to learn that they're expecting again. They welcome a third son.
    Name: Viggo Gabriel

    Year 5 - The family buys a new house. It's a blue Victorian with white trim.

    Year 6 - Jewel opens a bookstore called Remembrance .

    Year 7 - Rhys and Jewel welcome a fourth child, their first daughter.
    Name: Evangeline Snow "Evie"

    Year 8 - Rhys and Jewel adopt a baby boy.
    Name: Sullivan Wolf "Sully"

    Year 9 - The family moves to LA.

    Year 10 - Rhys and Jewel welcome triplet girls.
    Names: Artemis Rose "Ari", Juniper Kate "Juni", and Vivienne Sky "Vivi"

    Year 11 - The family moves to Vancouver.

    Year 12 - The family comes into a little bit of money. They pay off some bills, then take a vacation to Ireland. They also use some of the money to buy an English Springer Spaniel.
    Name: Watson

    Year 13 - Rhys and Jewel have another set of triplets, two girls and a boy.
    Names: Eowyn Violet, Luna Willow, and Caspian James

    Year 14 - Rhys and Jewel adopt a baby girl.
    Name: Sophie Amaryllis

    Year 15 - The family moves into a bigger house, though still in Vancouver. It is a big white Victorian with red trim.
    Gideon ~ Ezekiel ~ Abel ~ Emmett ~ Declan ~ Silas ~ Ezra ~ Flynn ~ Jasper ~ Elliot
    Maisie ~ Willa ~ Naomi ~ Vivienne ~ Evangeline ~ Gemma ~ Amaryllis ~ Lux ~ Remi ~ Sophie
    Shiloh ~ River ~ Sage ~ Rowan

    Name Crush of the Moment: Oona

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    Chandra Lake Horowitz (28) and Michael Thomas Horowitz (31) married in 2012

    2013 - We go into business with Michael's brother, Joshua Vincent Horowitz. They open a bar together called The Blue Moon, located in New York City.

    2014 - We adopt a German Shepherd puppy named Baxter.

    2015 - We welcome twin boys named Anthony William Horowitz and Adrian Thomas Horowitz.

    2016 - We adopt a Siberian husky dog named Nero.

    2017 - We welcome a baby girl, Maeve Elisabeth Horowitz.

    2018 - We decide to adopt a baby boy from Russia, named Nicholas Dmitry Horowitz.

    2019 - Relocated to London, England.

    2020 - We get pregnant unexpectedly, and welcome our daughter Lillian Annabel Horowitz.

    2021 - We win the lotto! Some of it is used for home improvements, and the rest is split into college funds.

    2022 - We decide to open a restaurant, located in London, called The Escapade.

    2023 - Michael gets a promotion - he is now vice president of Sony Music UK.

    2024 - We welcome twin boys, Samuel Duke Horowitz and Oliver James Horowitz.

    2025 - Our family relocated to Los Angeles, California for Michael's job.

    2026 - Michael's cousin dies and leaves her three children, Evan Jeremy Hoffer, Rachel Tamara Hoffer, and Christopher Matthew Hoffer, under our care.

    2027 - We buy a new house for our expanded family.

    2028 - I get into a near fatal car accident. I missed a year of work due to rehab and recovery, but am back to normal thanks to the love and care of family and friends.

    Chandra & Mike
    Anthony, Adrian, Maeve, Nicholas, Lillian, Samuel, Oliver, Evan, Rachel, and Christopher
    Baxter and Nero

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    Ft. Myers
    DH: Michael "Mike" Allen Foster
    DW: Brianna Marie Foster (nee Campbell)
    Married in 2017 when I was 23 and Mike was 30.

    Year 1: 2018
    1. 1. We move to Pasadena, California.

    Year 2: 2019
    5. We have twin boys. We name them Wyatt Allen Foster and Elliot Michael Foster.

    Year 3: 2020
    4. 2. We are surprised with another pregnancy, twins again! They are both girls and we name them Lucy Marie Foster and Aurora "Rory" Brielle Foster.

    Year 4: 2021
    3. 5. We stay in Pasadena but after two sets of twins, we want a bigger house. It's a 4 bed, 3 bath house.

    Year 5: 2022
    4. 2. Once again, we are surprised with a pregnancy and once again, it's twins. It's a boy and a girl and we name them Peyton Jacob Foster and Jordyn Paige Foster.

    Year 6: 2023
    1. 3. We stay in Pasadena but after three sets of twins, we decide to get a bigger house. It is a 7 bed, 8 bath house.

    Year 7: 2024
    4. 4. We just can't seem to stay in one place! This time we don't stay in Pasadena, we move to Stamford, Connecticut.

    Year 8: 2025
    10. We have a baby boy. We name him Sebastian Ryan Foster.

    Year 9: 2026
    2. 6. We adopt a female Birman cat and name her Matilda.

    Year 10: 2027
    6. 3. Mike and I open a bar with his brother (my brother-in-law) Daniel Lawrence Foster. We keep it in Stamford and we mix our names together and name it Brikel's Bar.

    Year 11: 2028
    2. We have a baby boy. We name him Cooper Maxwell Foster.

    Year 12: 2029
    3. 4. We move once again leaving Daniel in charge of the bar. We decide to live somewhere in the mid-west and settle down in Springfield, Illinois.

    Year 13: 2030
    4. 1. There is a car accident outside our house leaving a 4 year old girl without a family. After having witnessed the accident and meeting the little girl, we decide we can't let her go to a foster home so we take her in. It's a rough process but we end up adopting her, legally making her Gemma Louise Foster.

    Year 14: 2031
    4. 1. We discovered that Gemma had a 7 year old sister who was away at school during the time of the accident, as soon as we found out about her we took her in as well so they weren't separated. It was another rough process but it all paid off in the end because we adopted her too, legally making her Piper Abigail Foster.

    Year 15: 2032
    5. 1. We adopt both a dog and a cat. We get males of both, an orange tabby cat who we name Oliver and a beagle who we name Charlie.

    Mike [45] and Brianna [38]
    Wyatt and Elliot [13]
    Lucy and Rory [12]
    Peyton and Jordyn [10]
    Piper [8]
    Sebastian [7]
    Gemma [6]
    Cooper [4]
    Our pet cats, Matilda and Oliver and our pet dog, Charlie.

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    DW: Colette Olive Rayne (21)
    DH: Peter Simon Rayne (21)
    Years of Marriage: 1
    March 2013

    2013: You have twin girls
    Names Ariana Grace and Faye Louise

    2014: Your family adopts a dog and a cat. Names, breeds, and genders are your choice
    pomerania girl called Jelly

    2015: Your family adopts a male Scottish Fold cat. What do you name him? Scotford

    2016: A friend or family member dies suddenly, leaving their children under the guardianship of you and DH. How many children, their names, ages, and genders are all up to you.
    My aunt Leeanne tragically died and left me and Peter guardian of there 5 year old. Jolie Dayla Asoka

    2017:You open a clothing store with your two best friends. What kind of clothing do you sell? What is the store called?
    We open a Fancy Dress shop called Crimson Feathers

    2018: A friend or family member dies suddenly, leaving their children under the guardianship of you and DH. How many children, their names, ages, and genders are all up to you.
    My Friend Amanda Rose Walker dies in a house fire with her husband. So we take I'm her son Dale Ivan Walker (4)

    2019: You have boy/girl twins. Grayson Peter and Imogen Harriet

    2020: DH gets a job as a Dentist.

    2021: You open a kids bookstore called The Jungle

    2022: You and DH take in a young girl. Zoey Alanna (3)

    2023: You become unexpectedly pregnant with a baby boy! Matthew Robert

    2024: Jolie stars in a movie . She was a girl playing jump rope with her friends and says "watch it!" to a bully.

    2025: Your family adopts a dog and a cat. The dog is a Yorkshire Terrier called Blaze and the cat is a American shorthair called Shock.

    2026: You have a single girl. Alice Sarah

    2027: Jolie gets a another movie role. This time she is the main characters daughter.

    My Family

    DH: Peter Simon Rayne (36)
    ME: Colette Olive Rayne (36)

    DAD: Jolie Dayla Rayne (17) Dear Adopted Daughter. Had her for 12 years.
    DD: Ariana Grace Rayne (15)
    DD: Faye Louise Rayne (15)
    DAS: Dale Ivan Rayne (13) Dear Adopted Son. Had him for 9 years.
    DAD: Zoey Alanna Rayne (11) Dear Adopted Daughter. Had her for 8 years.
    DS: Grayson Peter Rayne (8)
    DD: Imogen Harriet (8)
    DS: Matthew Robert Rayne (4)
    DD: Alice Sarah Rayne (1)


    DOG: Jelly- 72 in dogs years
    CAT: Scotford- 70 years in cat years
    DOG: Blaze- 24 years in dog years
    CAT: Shock- 24 years in cat years
    |Arlo Benjamin |Caleb August |Ezra Scott |Jacob Harrison |Jude Apollo |Lincoln River |Myles Hunter |Seth Gideon |Watson Christopher
    |Audrey Pearl |Calla Louise |Celeste Adora |Delilah Posey |Lydia Katherine |Mila Selene |Saskia Willow |Selah Elise |Stella Elizabeth |

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    Vancouver, Canada
    DH: George Henry
    DW: Lily Claire

    2013: Baby [twin boys]: Henry Isaac and George Micah
    2014: We take in a three year old girl, named Lucy Elise.
    2015: We relocate to Chicago and buy a bigger house.

    2016: We buy yet another house to accommodate our (hopefully) growing family.
    2017: Baby [triplet girls]: Beatrice Lily, Anna Michelle and Katherine Isabel "Kate"
    2018: We relocate again to Bristol, England.

    2019: Baby [b/b/g triplets]: Oliver Kenneth, Connor Michael and Lia Alice.
    2020: We adopt a German Shepherd, named Rose.
    2021: Luckily, we come into some money (inheritance). We put it away for the kids' university education.

    2022: Baby [b/g/g triplets] Owen Harrison, Megan Riley and Reese Eleanor
    2023: Baby [baby girl] Taylor Natalie
    2024: Baby [triplet boys] Weston John "Wes" , Nathan Jasper "Nate" and Jack Sam

    2025: Baby [twin girls] Rachel Madeline and Elliot Christina
    2026: We adopt a Scottish Fold, named Doctor.
    2027: We move back to Chicago and into a ten bedroom/five bathroom house we build ourselves to accommodate our family of 20! (Bedrooms: Henry + George, Lucy + Lia, Beatrice + Anna + Katherine, Oliver + Connor, Owen + Wes, Nate + Jack, Megan + Reese + Taylor, Rachel + Elliot, George + Lily)

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