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    Arrow Need opinions and insight:

    I have fallen into another crush on John Mayer and Johnny Depp, thus their names as well. Has Johnny as a full name became too plain in the world of Aidens, Jadens, and Jack? I really like the uncomplcated-ness of Johnny, however I know many people would assume little Johnny's full name to be John. Also instead of Johnny as a first name, what about Ambrose(FN) Depp(MN) and then the last name?
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    My top favorite boy name is John. It's also my father's name, my SO's name, and the name of a little boy who changed my life years ago!
    Ambrose is also one of my favorite names for boys. I think keeping the classic John and having the nn of Johnny would be easier for the child, but then again, I have never known a Johnny whose full name wasn't John!

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    The man who my friend married goes exclusively by Johnny. I'm not sure if his full name is John or not, but I've never heard him go by anything other than Johnny. It works fine for him but I don't think it could work on everyone.

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    I like Depp as a middle name - haven't heard of that suggestion before!

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    I'm put off Depp by it's meaning - isn't it German for fool?

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