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    Looking for a quirky yet classic boys name... Help!

    Hi, and thanks in advance for your help. I´m 4 months pregnant with my second which the doctor said is most likely a boy and I´m having a lot of trouble with a name for him. My daughter Eleanor was very easy to name and if this baby were a girl she´d either be Alice, Maude, or June.. whichever she looked most like at birth I guess. Well for boys I LOVE the name Henry which goes great with Eleanor BUT its getting really popular and I think it will only become more popular in the next few years which is the only thing stopping me from using it. The other name I like is Oscar but I don´t love it. I live in a spanish speaking country so thats something to consider as well.

    Names I´m thinking of:

    Harold - love it and its nicknames but my husband HATES it

    Julian - great but a little popular and it would be pronounced hoolian..

    Truman - Great name but I don´t know if I´m bold enough to use it

    Desmond - same as Truman

    Felix - My husband doesn´t hate it but he doesn´t like it much either

    Ewan - My husband likes Owen but its really popular and so I thought this is a great alternative

    Graham - I like it but don´t love it and my husband is on the fence as well

    Arthur - husband doesn´t like it much but i really do!

    August - same as arthur

    I´d also like to say that i like Bruno and Roscoe but we´re definitely not cool enough for these names and I fear my son won´t be either lol!

    Okay help me out! Any suggestions? Thoughts on names i´ve mentioned... My husband is a pain in the ass and only vetoes names while coming up with nothing haha! I thought I had it with Harold but he truly detests the name.

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    I loooooove Julian and August. The others are great as well.

    - Winston
    - Edmund
    - Vincent
    - Lewis
    - Oscar
    - Jasper
    - Elias
    - Frederick

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    Frederick - vetoed
    Oscar - high on the list
    Vincent - vetoed
    Lewis - vetoed
    Edmund/Edward/Edwin - vetoed lol

    see what i´m working with here haha!

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    I like Henry (and if you love it who cares how popular it is, it's a great name!), Oscar, Ewan, Felix, Arthur and August but am not so keen on the others. Julian - yuck, I never understand the attraction.....too girly in my mind. Bruno is great, I know a little Bruno who is so cute and his parents aren't that cool either. What about Leo? Sebastian? Harry? Jake?

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    Leo is a fantastic name that we both love but Eleanor translates to leonor in Spanish and many people here call her Leo pronounced lay-oh. So we'd have two leos! Harry is a nickname for Henry so that's. 2 for 1 yay because it's such a cute name and Jake is too popular but we both love it, same goes for jack

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