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    I like Fox and Fauna, but am definitely thrown off by the matching initials/different styles. The meanings completely outrank that though!

    I've always wanted to name a pair of twins Julie and Heather. I think they sound so adorable together and match perfectly.
    Other twin combos I've thought of/think sound amazing

    Nora and Sadie
    Brooke and Paige
    Laura and Autumn
    Evie and Madeline

    Connor and Spencer
    Conor and Jack
    Patrick and Vincent

    I'm horrible at b/g twins

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    I love Fox and Flora! I wouldn't use same-initial names for twins, but I've had them both on my list before. If I had twins, I think I'd name them GG: Marguerite and Roseline (Maple & Rosie) BB: Wolf and Miller or BG: Wolf and Roseline. I think only the girl names go together since they're both French, floral, and have 3-syllables but I wouldn't want them to be too matchy.
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    I don't care for Flora or Fox, and they sound really matchy, honestly :/ I don't really care for obviously matchy names for regular siblings, let alone twins.

    My SIL recently had twin boys, Jackson "Jack" and Oliver..and I think they sound great together

    I don't really have any twin names picked out..although I used to really like Leah and Lydia as twin sister names, but they are pretty matchy. I'd just use two names I like..

    Another twin combo I really liked was Isabella and Gabriella...Bella and Gabby..
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    Well if I had twins, this is what they would be:

    Luna and Flora
    Luna and Ezra

    Not sure on boys, one would be Ezra and though I like Everett, I'm not a fan of repeating first letters...

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    I know 3 sets of b/g twins in real life, and all three of the boys are Nathaniel/Nathan (one Nathaniel who goes by Nathaniel, one Nathan who's full name is Nathaniel, and ond one Nathan) Their twin sisters all have very different names and the 3 sets are different ages. I've always found it interesting. Anyway the original question, My favorite b/g twin set idea is Callister and Alessandra "Cal&Alys". Both are forms of Alexander, but niether is the "original", they start with different letters, the nicknames are different sounding, the names themselves sound different, and they come from different places. So both different and the same
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