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    need a nice indian name for our baby girl due in july with a nice modern twist!

    hello all! we are looking for a nice indian name for our baby girl but it should also be a new and modern name and also international sounding at the same time!
    pls help us!!

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    I love Padma (lotus) and I think with the popularity of Top Chef, it's probably more familiar to the world than before.

    I also really love Priyanka (beautiful symbol)... had a schoolmate in Melbourne with this name and she was beautiful (in person and in personality) so I favour it quite a bit.

    Another Indian name I like... Anjali (gift).

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    Sonia (meaning "golden") is an Indian name that's also a common Scandinavian, Russian, Spanish and English name - it's well known throughout the world. I like it a lot!

    I also second the suggestion of Padma - I think it's very international now with Padma Lakshmi's fame.

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    Sanjali Ruth

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    My top suggestions if you want her to have a name the crosses a few cultures, is modern and popular yet still 100% Indian:

    Elina- 'El' names are very popular and modern. This one is Greek, Finnish and Indian. It means smart in Indian and Bright torch light in the other two cultures. Elle/ Elly make very modern nick names too. Lina is another nickname option.

    Maya- is a Top 100 name, it means water. It is Indian AND modern! It is also similar to other modern popular names like Mia. This would be a an excellent choice as it also has Greek origins so crossed cultures. Malaya is another option- have Maya as her nick name.

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