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    I don't hate these names exactly,but I would rather leave my baby nameless than use them:

    Clementine - it's a fruit to me
    Ethel - Lily Allen named her daughter this last year
    Agnes - met one in Lisbon airport recently. She was so cute though that she did make the name seem more appealing
    Bryn and Rhys on girls - I only realised this even happened since starting using nameberry. They're not unisex...they're boy names. Is like a Welsh person calling a daughter William.
    Nevaeh and all similar names
    Ruby - nice name,bored to death of hearing it.
    Maeve - I just don't see the appeal
    May - as a middle name....ultimate filler of this decade
    Eulalie - it literally just sounds like a noise when I say it

    There are probably more,but these are the ones I like least.

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    Not To Be Insulting , but names I really don't like:
    Jessica - Dated, in my eyes
    Marie- Nms
    Gemma- Idk, just not loving it.
    Susan- Dated
    Susannah- A song my dad used to sing, it went like oh Susannah, don't you cry to me, I'll be coming from Alabama..
    Penelope- Nms, Dated..
    Priscilla- I think of a bossy, mean, ugly, old lady. Easily has the nickname Prissy.
    Phoebe- Fee-bee..
    Persephone- Not my style, reminds me of a poodle..
    Dyamond/Diamond- I have a friend who knows someone with this name, and I wasn't really 'in love'. Not my style at all.
    Mavis- Ughhh.. Definitely not a name I would ever use.

    & Many, Many more..
    Teenberry, name loving girl.

    Lucy, Madeline, Caroline, Kylie, Bryn, Audrey/Aubrey, & Sierra
    Eli, Caden, Camden, Riley and Caleb

    Guilty Pleasures:
    Clementine & Tiara

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    Quote Originally Posted by taz View Post
    Most virtue names and most surname-sounding unisex names on girls. (Felicity, Serenity & Riley, Hayden)
    Anything overly girly/princessy/fancy especially over-used names (anything Arabella would fit with this)
    And's really pretty, but I just see Anal,
    Wren- cute written, but outloud it's Ren like Ren & Stimpy
    Clementine & Magnolia- that's a whole lot of cloyingly sweet over-the-top name imo

    I am guilty of loving boys names on girls (Charlie & Sam...that's so cute!)
    and overly cutesy names (Kitty & Bunny...I wouldn't use, but seriously, how cute is that?!)
    and 'dated' names (Joan & Karen...strong sounding & ready for a comeback!)

    I wanted to add that I've really come to dislike all names relating to Twilight. Regardless of if you've loved Esme forever or you want to honor grandma Rosalie...this is a really low brow name trend and I wouldn't want my child to be associated with it. Katniss & Hermione might be associated with stronger characters, but they're hermaphrodite & cat piss sounding to my ears...

    So I guess low brow or YA related names have joined my list.

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    Brie. Naming a person after a cheese is not ok in my book.

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    Lol This thread is hilarious!

    The name I've always disliked a lot is Molly.

    Also, like many of you: that abomination Nevaeh. Gross.

    And again, character names that have become trendy. And then, I dislike Kailani and Lailani when used on girls who are not Polynesian/Hawaiian. Maybe that goes for a lot of names.

    Searching for new names to love

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