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    Depends on how much you like the name vs how much you're bugged by its popularity. Personally, I don't care. I like names I like. If they're popular, well that just means a lot of other people have good taste too. Most of the names we're considering are "popular". Doesn't bother me. You're the only one who can determine whether a names trendiness and/or popularity outweighs its draw for you.

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    I do go back and forth between trying to not care too much because I love the name, and feeling like I just can't do it with how popular it has become here (and the 2011 list could be even worse). The name is Hadley, (or possibly Hadleigh, the spelling of the castle in England, since I am a huge and long time lover of castles). I'll have to wait and see if we have a girl (my oldest predicts it, and has been right about the other kids' genders) and have a back up list handy. I love hearing everyone else's take on this topic!

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    Popularity is a turn-off for me. There is a name or two I'd make an exception for (I can't let go of Sophia ), but realistically, I would probably not pick anything in the top tier of names. I spent my childhood with a letter behind my name, and it was a pain. And I have a relatively common last name, so as an adult, I've run across three or four people with my first and last name and one with my first, middle, AND last name. If I loved a popular name enough, I would probably put it in the middle name spot.
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    Personally, popularity doesn't bother me too much. It is annoying when you one of your favorite names fly up there on the popularity list, but if I love the name enough I would still use it anyway. So for me it just depends on how much I love the name. Avery has been my favorite girl name for years, and it has definatly flown up on the charts, although I don't like how popular it is coming, I can't imagine not loving it and not using it because of that Hope I could help
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    Funny you should bring this topic up now. I did some research yesterday on my favorite girl name (Kaleigh) and discovered if you add up all the different spellings of Kayleigh/Kaleigh/Kaylee etc it jumps to almost 10,000 girls named in 2010. that puts it in the top 20 and makes it way to popular for me to use. It's a little sad to lose a name I've loved for over a year but I don't want her to grow up one of many.

    That being said I do like Hadley and the Hadleigh spelling is cool. I'm a big castle lover myself and have been trying to find a way to tie into some that I've been to. If you love it and it has special meaning for you I say go for it.
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